Effort underway to fund ‘In God We Trust’ school signs

Posted September 4, 2019 at 8:56 am

You see the motto in American courtrooms, even the U.S. Supreme Court, on money and other places and now in Kentucky, we are seeing the slogan erected in many public schools, “In God We Trust.”

Those signs will also be seen on all school buildings in Clinton County and possibly other county related offices in the near future, as a fund drive by the Clinton County Ministerial Association is currently raising private funds to have signs made and placed on the buildings.

Pastor Bobby Grant said that Albany Elementary School Principal Tim Armstrong contacted him about the legislature’s decision and the new law being signed by the governor and it was decided the local ministerial association would be the most appropriate organization to take the lead in the project.

Grant noted that under the law, public government funds, i.e. taxpayer dollars, cannot be used, adding communities had to raise their own funds through individuals, groups, organizations, churches, etc. to fund local projects.

Pastor Grant said he encouraged people to call their representatives and thank them for their vote on the issue that he feels is very important to free religious expression.

Grant and Armstrong discussed the cost of signs for the six school facilities where signs will be placed, including at each of the four schools, the Adult Education building (former Central Office) and Clinton College and Career Center, the home of the new school board central offices.

The estimated cost is $1,000 per school, or $6,000 for all the facilities and the company they have talked to about installing the signs will give a “lifetime” guarantee on them, Grant added.

The pastor said members of the organization have been contacting churches, businesses and individuals about donations. An account has been set up and donations to the In God We Trust campaign can be made at either First and Farmers Bank location in Albany.

Grant also said this past Sunday, many churches had been asked to help with collecting donations for this cause and estimated that as of late last week, over one-half of the total amount needed had already been raised, although they had not kept a running count at this point.

He said he had talked to a lot of people at all the schools and all so far have been 100 percent in favor of the project.

“Religious freedom is one a foundation built into the constitution by our forefathers. They knew that biblical principles was the fiber for a constitutional nation and most people in Clinton County agree,” the pastor said.

Grant also said the signs would spread a message to tourists, visitors and people in the community that here in Clinton County, the motto In God We Trust is not only a slogan, but a lifestyle.

“I hope all the counties in Kentucky will rally together and take the same actions, as some already have,” he continued.

Grant also said he had talked to Clinton County Judge/Executive Ricky Craig about the project and would like to see some signs erected on county buildings.

He added the judge was in favor of the project, but since the county cannot use its own government funds, it is hoped there will be enough money raised after the $6,000 amount to have some signs placed on other buildings such as the Senior Citizens (Community) Center and others.

When asked about some people’s perception that the new law may be considered a violation of the church and state clause, the pastor said that many people were ignorant toward the Constitution, saying “our forefathers penned it that way. I think they knew there would come a time in our nation’s history that people would want to take God out of the country.”

Grant went on to say that the nation had allowed such things as prayer to be taken out of schools, saying “God was woven into the founding of this country and we have a right to stand up against those who oppose that.”

Pastor Grant said he felt people locally were thrilled this has taken place and that it is dear to a lot of people’s hearts and they are glad this is happening.

Donations to the In God We Trust sign campaign can be given to churches, the ministerial association or either of the aforementioned bank locations. Grant said any amount large or small would be appreciated, noting the response thusfar has been overwhelming.

“On behalf of the ministerial association and myself, I would like to thank all who has contributed…I know it is a sacrifice to many.” He added, “I appreciate the people of Clinton County for standing with us on this building project.”

Grant said that when enough funds were raised, and signs were ready to be placed, there would be an announcement made of a community gathering and our (state) representatives will be there.

“I would like to see a huge crowd there to show our unity,” said Grant.