Non-traditional Days will return to 2019-20 school calendar

Posted October 2, 2019 at 8:37 am

The Clinton County School District, which was one of the first districts in the state to be given a waiver to participate in NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) school, or Cyber School Days, will again be participating in that state program during the current 2019-20 school year.

It was a rare year in 2018-19, in that the district did not have to use any NTI days due to inclement weather or illness, while in years past, the allotted days – in which 10 are allowed – have proved beneficial in the district by keeping school officials from having to extend the school year for students.

What is a Non-Traditional School Plan?

In response to the significant number of absent days in recent years, (the) Clinton County School District has been granted a Non-Traditional School Days waiver which has been designated for Cyber School Days. The detailed plan outlines how instruction will be delivered for ‘all’ students during a day when school is not open due to unforeseen circumstances. The plan gives teacher’s the opportunity to refine their online presence for content delivery and provides hard copy content for those students that may not have access to technology or network resources at home. The planned result is less loss of instructional time and increased ability to learn new content when school is back in session.

Frequently asked questions about Cyber Days:

What is a Cyber School Day?

Cyber School Days allow Clinton County schools to provide nontraditional instruction on days when students are unable to attend school due to unforeseen circumstances. On the designated Cyber Days, students will have instructional packets that provide review opportunities and application of previous learning or projects. Depending on the student’s grade level, the packet may contain lessons from reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and related arts. Lessons in the packet are supported with online resources but can be completed without access to the internet.

What are teachers and administrators doing on Cyber School Days?

All teachers will be expected to keep a log of activities that fulfill their contractual obligations from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Principals will discuss with staff prior to the use of any non-traditional days the types of work that will be acceptable. Teachers and staff will report to the school and answer student calls, emails, as well as work in computer labs with any students who might choose to use them, if travel is acceptable.

Will every snow day be treated as a Cyber Day?

No, the district will not count every snow day, or unforeseen circumstance as a Cyber Day. Clinton County’s School District has been approved to utilize up to 10 Cyber School Days.

How will I know which day is a Cyber Day?

Cyber School Days will be announced during the One-Call that is made to let families know that school has been cancelled for the day. Cyber School Days will also be announced on the district’s website, social media, and local radio station.

How will students submit their work from the Cyber School Days?

Students will receive copies of the work packets in a Cyber School Day Folder, which will be distributed on Friday, November 1. A One-Call will notify families when the folder is sent home. Please store this folder at home until the student needs to use it. Students should return their work to school on the day they return from the missed day.

What happens if my child misplaces the Cyber School Day lesson?

Cyber School Day lessons will be distributed to students at school. If a student is unable to complete the lesson packet prior to returning to school, he/she will have additional time to make up the missing work by staying after school.

Time: When unforeseen circumstances or road conditions are too hazardous for bus travel, the district may determine the day as a Cyber School Day. Clinton County has been approved to use up to 10 days as Cyber School Days.

Communications: A One-Call will be made to all students and staff announcing the Cyber School Day. In addition, announcements will be placed on the radio and school social media sites.

Content: During weekly meetings, teachers will work together as a grade level and content-area teams to identify the standards to be selected for the folder. Cyber School Days work will give students the opportunity to review and apply content from their core classes in order to ensure their understanding of essential concepts and skills.

Accountability: Students will be required to complete the tasks assigned during the Cyber School Day. Students will submit their work to their teacher the day they return to school. Student participation will be determined as students complete their assigned work.

Support: Teachers will report to their schools to answer and make calls to parents if travel is acceptable. Any student who chooses to use the school computer lab must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

NTI days is a means of providing children the opportunity to continue to learn, even on days when winter weather or unforeseeable circumstances keep them out of the classroom.

The Non-Traditional days not only allow students to continue classroom work at home, but those days are counted as actual instructional days and do not have to be made up at the end of the normal school year.

For any questions, staff will be available via telephone or e-mail. For contact information, please call the following: (All 606 area codes):

Clinton County Board of Education, 387-6480; Early Childhood Center, 387-4283; Albany Elementary School, 387-5828; Clinton County Middle School, 387-6466; Clinton County High School, 387-5569.