New Doctor’s Health and Weight Loss Clinic operates with the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix

Posted October 16, 2019 at 8:50 am


Since January, a new business has been working hard for the sole purpose of getting the people in Clinton and surrounding counties on the track to a healthy life.

The Doctor’s Health and Weight Loss Clinic, located at 102 North Washington Street, on the square, has been seeing patients since it opened its doors in January and the results are astounding.

Since the new office has opened, there have been more than 4,000 pounds lost … 4,078.75 pounds to be exact and there’s no sign of slowing down.

Dr. Carol Peddicord and Pharmacist Dr. Arica Collins of Dyer Drug Company, joined forces to bring the weight loss clinic to reality.

“People have actually changed their lives instead of having a quick fix,” Bridget Shelton, RN, said. “At first there were people who came in and wanted that quick fix pill. Now we have those who come in and want that life change.”

Other than Peddicord and Shelton, patients may also see RN Bethany Thrasher, Mollie Ferrell and Nurse Practitioner Renee Brown.

The clinic got its name, according to Peddicord, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. The idea came from Peddicord because she wants to get kids healthier.

“The purpose of myself and Arica (Collins) was to help people get healthy,” Peddicord said. “We don’t want people to be skinner, we want them to be healthy and live longer.”

The first time someone goes to the Weight Loss Clinic, a plan will be established. Each plan will be tailored to the individual.

“We make an individual plan according to whether or not you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease. Even the cardiologist in Cookeville (Tennessee) is sending us patients,” Peddicord said. “We have diet plans and we are getting ready to start with meal replacement.”

Peddicord said her and Collins recently returned from Boston, Massachusetts where they attended the American Academy of Obesity Medicine conference and will have some new plans for patients in the future.

“We just want people to be healthy is our whole key,” Peddicord said. “We would like to see more pediatric patients or younger patients and get them started with their lifestyle changes.”

According to Peddicord, most of the patients she sees now are women over 35 and under 58 years of age, however, there are a few high school students who are trying to better their lives.

Peddicord said they are starting to get more men coming into the clinic and she said she wished she could get more.

“Men typically have heart disease earlier in life,” Peddicord said.

“Last month alone it was 680 pounds lost,” Peddicord said. “That’s a lot of weight.”

Peddicord said there are 433 patients who come to the Weight Loss Clinic and she says most of those patients have kept the weight off.

As of right now, the clinic is seeing patients two days a week and they have appointments booked up for two weeks ahead of time.

In order to get started, call 606-387-2025 and make an appointment to see either Peddicord or Brown. From there, an individual plan will be made.

“We also take insurance. We can check out your insurance and see and it will be just like you going to see your provider,” Peddicord said.

Some of the success stories from patents include people coming off their insulin.

“People are losing weight, feeling better and are able to exercise,” Peddicord said.

“We have the Wellness Center which is a great resource not only for exercises, but for water therapy for people who have other physical problems such as a knee replacement or hip replacement,” Peddicord said. “We need to utilize the Wellness Center more.”

On Saturday, October 19, the clinic will be hosting an open house until noon.

“People can come and talk to us about things and new products we might have,” Peddicord said.

Dr. Carol Peddicord holds a model that represents the mass equal to five pounds of body fat. She is a partner with Dr. Arica Collins in Doctor’s Health and Weight Loss Clinic in Albany.