Mims using other methods to plant

Posted October 30, 2019 at 8:52 am


Mr. Kenny Mims and Mr. Kyle Mims sowed cover crops of wheat seed and daikon radishes via helicopter recently. Wheat and radishes provide winter cover for the soil, prevent erosion, break up compacted areas, and build the soil’s organic matter over the winter months when crop fields are usually void of vegetation. The seed must be applied before harvest to allow the crop residue—or debris—to provide seed coverage for germination.

About 125 pounds of seed per acre was spread through the gasoline-powered hopper controlled from the cockpit. Kash Helicopter Services, Ill., used GPS to ensure all areas of the field were covered and the seeds were spaced properly.

With the recent rains, it is expected that these cover crops will grow well over the winter. Interested in cover crops for your fields? Call USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service at 606-387-5196.