Clinton County men inducted into service for World War I

Posted November 6, 2019 at 9:15 am

Several years ago, the NEWS received research from Carolyn McKay Powell and her sister, Mary E. “Boots” McKay Gossage, about registrants from Clinton County who were inducted by the local board of Clinton County into service in World War I.

These ladies are the daughters of Walter and Wilma McKay, former residents of the Seventy Six community of Clinton County.

The original document of registrants inducted were found in papers of A.H. (Harlan) Vincent who had been the Circuit Court Clerk of Clinton County at one time.

During the research, Powell and Gossage found the first induction date was September 5, 1917 and continued until October 4, 1917 for a total of 61 men. Because of the growing involvement of the United States in WWI, inductions started again February 23, 1918 and continued until September 5, 1918. The second induction included 176 men.

Six men volunteered for service, three before inductions started on June 5, 1917. The first volunteer was Charles F. Hunter on June 20, 1917. Other volunteers were James G. Jarvis and Jerry M. Horner on July 30, 1917; William I. Guffey, December 13, 1917; William L. Denton, December 14, 1917; and Orater L. Bell, February 9, 1918.

Another man, John Peary Sloan, was inducted October 5, 1918 while at Lexington University, Lexington, Kentucky.

Over a period of 13 months, 243 men were inducted or volunteered for service in World War I from in and around Clinton County.

List of registrants and place of residence of men inducted into service by the local board of Clinton County:

Delmer C. Armstrong, Albany; James E. Hopkins, Albany; Chester Welby Dicken, Albany; Virgel C. Pittman, Albany; Joe Earnest Craft, Lilydale, Tennessee; Fred Lawson, Albany; Garlan L. March, Albany; Martin Johnson, Aaron; Theodore B. Marcum, Narvel; Claude A. Neal, Narvel; John L. Stearns, Osco; R. M. Vincent, Narvel; Curtie M. Stearns, Ucum; Thomas A. Hay, Aaron; John E. Hoover, Fairland; Willie Pierce, Marlow; Barnel C. Carr, Albany; Charlie Cross, Shipley; James L. Smith, Green Grove; Charles A. Prince, Seventy Six; Herbert D. Pittman, Albany; James F. Wright, Highway; Bradley Graham, Brown’s Crossroads; William Wells, Seventy Six; George W. Latham, Cartwright; Clay C. Marcum, Narvel; William A. Ferril, Savage; Willie E. Mathews, Albany; Hosia R. Clark, Cartwright; Ed P. Cowan, Savage; George A. Branham, Marlow; William P. Stearns, Osco; John S. Andrew, Seventy Six; Henry E. Upchurch, Savage; Herbert Stockton, Albany; Cornelious W. Wallace, Shipley; Jake Parrigin, Albany; William C. Upchurch, Upchurch; Loren H. Woodram, Marlow; Stokely P. Evans, Chanute, Tennessee; Cordus E. Gamblin, Highway; Ivan F. Parrigin, Albany; Porter M. Crabtree, Chanute, Tennessee; James H. Cannon, Albany; George G. Walls, Alpha; Calvin Thompson, Savage; Jesse T. Lawrence, Shipley; William H. Stockton, Albany; Ed H. Dick, Cumberland City; John O. Dicken, Aaron; Eddy T. Farmer, Shipley; William B. Byers, Savage; James P. McWhorter, Aaron; Luther E. Burchett, Wago; Lafe Frost, Gap Creek; Frank Burchett, Albany; Thomas Cox, Highway; Jesse B. Dalton, Albany; David Byers, Savage; Benton M. Oliver, Chanute, Tennessee; Millard A. Brummett, Albany; James F. Smith, Savage; Levi Hudson, Seventy Six; Robert H. Stockton, Albany; William H. Vitatoe, Seventy Six; Isaac O. Reneau, Savage; William E. Roberts, Brown’s Crossroads; George F. Asberry, Chanute, Tennessee; James S. Jones, Watauga; James A. Guthrie, Ida; John E. Lee, Snow; Logan H. Guffey, Alpha; James A. Aaron, Aaron; William L. Agee, Aaron; Clarence M. Smith, Albany; John A. Daniel, Snow; John V. Piercey, Snow; Roscoe White, Savage; Luther V. Brown, Highway; Ed T. Riddle, Highway; John G. Booher, Albany; Luther Garett, Albany; James R. Sloan, Albany; William F. Grider (Col.), Albany; Jordon C. Riddle, Highway; William E. Riddle, Highway; Edward S. Piercey, Narvel; John B. Grider, Albany; Preston Wells, Tearcoat; James O. Parrigin, Ida; Addis Norris, Forest Cottage; Willie O. Gibson, Highway; William H. Nunn, Albany; James E. Fitzgerald, Chanute, Tennessee; Robert Guffey, Narvel; William M. Sell, Highway; Joseph Malone, Seventy Six; William A. Catron, Cartwright; Henry E. Burchett, Narvel; Thomas Dowell, Albany; Walter F. Perdue, Shipley; Horace G. Brown, Aaron; Homer R. Shelton, Narvel; Willie L. Davis, Seventy Six; Ray Brown, Aaron; Steve R. Byers, Savage; James G. Stone, Forest Cottage; Major H. Sidwell, Cartwright; Elam B. Huddleston, Irvin; George T. Catron, Cartwright; Sherrod Toben (Col.), Albany; Marion Burchett, Osco; John C. McWhorter, Osco; Doff Stearns, Seventy Six; John Brown, Highway; John C. Cowan, Albany; James L. Buster, Marlow; John R. Cross, Shipley; Clyde S. Irwin, Tearcoat; James C. Stockton, Albany; Everett C. Jones, Watauga; Samuel R. Woodson, Upchurch; McVernon Bell, Narvel; Martin McKinney, Albany; Omer Davidson, Chanute, Tennessee; Robert M. Smith, Huntersville; Charlie R. Lewis, Savage; Claudus A. Goodman, Desda; Beldon P. Pierce, Albany; Bill Chambers, Albany; Irwin Sell, Green Grove; Richard A. Baldo, Aaron; John W. Tuggle, Highway; John F. Pierce, Hobart; John F. Vickery, Ida; John A. Booher, Albany; Beldon Carr, Albany; Elmer R. Wright, Highway; Herbert L. Hopkins, Albany; James P. Huddleston, Albany; Willie M. Graham, Albany; Willie F. Bandy, Shipley; Jehu D. Smallwood, Savage; Joe B. Dickerson, Osco; Oscar L. Dyer, Albany; John S. Shoopman, Albany; Frank Carlton, Ida; Joe T. Catron, Albany; John T. Lee, Huntersville; Martin L. Guffey, Narvel; James F. Grider, Seventy Six; Earnest W. Brown, Marlow; John B. Smith, Albany; John D. Irwin, Tearcoat; Stanley M. Guthrie, Savage; Porter E. Guffey, Snow; Rolan G. Catron, Marlow; Lenie E. Stockton, Albany; Campbell Savage, Savage; James W. Parrigin, Albany; Samuel E. Groce, Albany; Samuel P. Ferguson, Upchurch; Lenie Craig, Albany; Willie C. Staton, Albany; Ed Andrew (Col.), Ida; Morten Burchett, Wago; Charles W. Brents (Col.), Snow; John A. Miller (Col.), Albany; Oscar B. Conner, Albany; William D. Long, Cartwright; Willie R. Hay, Seventy Six; George T. Stockton, Savage; William P. Owens, Albany; Hulbert W. Pittman, Albany; Oscar A. Boils, Highway; John E. Bertram, Rolan; Selby M. Mikels, Narvel; Harley Owens, Highway; William B. Upchurch, Narvel; Nelia A. Cowan, Hoopeston, Illinois; Printis E. McWhorter, Albany; William F. York, Aaron; William A. Stockton, Albany; John B. Wade, Cartwright; Luther Brown, Savage; John H. Pennycuff, Cartwright; Silas Stearns, Watauga; Nathan S. Felkins, Albany; Fredie B. McGill, Albany; Willie Huddleston, Albany; Fount W. Jennings, Albany; Ovid E. Barber, Albany; Floyd H. Cowan, Albany; Solly Brown, Cartwright; Alfred C. Collins, Aaron; George W. Dalton, Albany; Samuel P. Tuggle, Highway; Allen M. Grider, Albany; Hobart G. Higginbotham, Albany; Walter L. Bell, Narvel; Alfred Sutherland, Highway; Jesse O. Stockton, Albany; Hobart M. Smith, Creelsboro; Curtice E. Wallace, Shipley; Gilbert E. Hancock, Albany; Willie C. Johnson, Aaron; William H. Wells, Tearcoat; Herlan G. Barber, Albany; Claude Rigney, Chanute, Tennessee; Quincey Guffey, Narvel; John H. Pierce, Albany; Seymore Stearns, Watauga; Clarence Wray, Albany; Omer C. York, Cartwright; Eber S. Brown, Watauga; John H. Hubbard, Cartwright; William J. B. Williams, Tearcoat; Vernon L. Dickerson, Osco; Clayton R. Penticuff, Marlow; Alexander B. Mackey, Highway; Arthur Looper, Forbus, Tennessee; Clyde I. Maupin, Savage; Earnest H. Sidwell, Cartwright; Paul Pennycuff, Highway; Joe M. McGinnis, Albany; Theadore Branham, Marlow; Willie G. York, Cartwright; Marion Gibson, Albany.

(Some names were designated with “Col” after their names. It is unclear what that designation stands for, but could be Combat Offensive Lost. Spelling of names came from the original document.)