Vote recanvass will be held Thursday across state

Posted November 13, 2019 at 1:55 pm

Clinton County will take part along with all other 119 Kentucky counties this Thursday, November 14 to do a voting machine “recanvass” of votes cast in the race of Kentucky Governor.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin announced shortly following his apparent loss to Democrat challenger Andy Beshear that he would seek a recanvass of votes.

Beshear, current Attorney General and son of former governor Steve Beshear, defeated Bevin in the November 5 general election in one of the closest statewide governor’s races on record with only about 4,000 total votes separating the two, out of approximately 1.4 million votes being cast.

Clinton County Clerk Nathan Collins said the recanvass of voting machine totals would be conducted on all 13 voting machines and absentee ballots beginning at 9 a.m. this Thursday.

A recanvass request of this type is not unusual in any type race, local or state, where the vote margin is so small. However, Bevin would have had the option of seeking an actual “recount” of the vote, meaning every ballot cast would have been looked at, but paid for by the candidate’s request.

A recancass is a simple check of voting machine totals to make sure they match up with totals that were actually turned in on election night.

Results of the local recanvass results will be announced next week.