After a year of rehab, Clint Poore is back to the top level of competitive weight lifting

Posted November 20, 2019 at 3:14 pm


Clint Poore recently took a trip to Panama City, Panama to compete in the North American Bench Press Championship. Poore earned two gold metals in his division by benching 429 pounds.

Clint Poore has been lifting weights for 33 plus years and during that time he has done many things to better himself in the weight room.

In 2013, Poore took up record breaking in the weight room as he attempted 113 records and was one of his records was listed in the Top 15 on as the best in 2012.

In 2013, Poore held 94 records with 19 of his records being broken.

Lifting weights and training is more often than not, good for the body. Sometimes there are setbacks that occur that could keep fitness gurus on the bench for a while.

As with Poore, he recently had surgery to repair his rotator cuff and has been working to get back to the gym and start competing again.

“I had shoulder surgery in 2017,” Poore said. “March 2017 was the first time I hurt it. I was at the Arnold Sports Festival competing. I was benching 429.”

Poore said when he was competing in March, during a lift of 429 pounds, his shoulder all of a sudden just popped.

“I ended up having surgery in October,” Poore said. “From October 2017 ,I’ve been slowly building back up. I had three torn rotator cuffs. One was completely torn off the bone. The doctor said he didn’t know how I was still lifting.”

This year and last year, Poore said he has been back to competing including a competition in Nashville earlier this year.

The most recent competition Poore has been to was the North American Bench Press Championship in Panama City, Panama.

“It was in the middle of Panama City. It’s a big city. It was a lot of fun and I finished first in the open class. I’m in the 40-49 division,” Poore said.

“I did 418 and then 424 in Atlanta in the early summer and this one I did 429,” Poore said. “It felt pretty good to beat that and get over that hump.”

Poore received double gold metals including one in his age division and one in the open division.

Six countries were represented at the bench press championship including, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.

Poore’s recovery was a long and difficult road to take.

“You couldn’t rush it for sure,” Poore said. “They put bone screws and reattached every thing in October. In December he re-attached the bicep because it was about done too. The doctor said the key was to take itslow and build it back up, so that’s what I did. It can get frustrating.”

Poore is still going to continue to train and hopefully he can get back to what he once did before the surgery which was in the 450 pound range.

“It was different standing on the platform. I’ve stood on the platform before with your hand on your heart while they play the National Anthem and it’s cool,” Poore said. “This time it kind of had a double meaning for me. Not just for winning the competition, but everything … coming back from being down and for benching that 429. I stood on the platform and just cried.”

Poore said it was a great feeling.

Another aspect of lifting Poore has been a part of is the Omega Force. He’s done several shows with Omega Force since the surgery, but Poore said he didn’t know how much he could do.

“I probably won’t do as much as I used to,” Poore said. “I’m not as young as I used to be. That seems to have an effect on this. I don’t like that part though.”