School board concentrates on energy savings at district facilities

Posted November 20, 2019 at 3:15 pm

Clinton County will unlikely see a new high school structure built in the near future since the nickel tax issue died before getting to a public vote earlier this year, the board of education is concentrating on keeping the existing facilities in good shape and saving money on energy at the same time.

On Monday night, the school board approved a resolution to enter into a contract, lease, and option with the Clinton County Board of Education and approve advertisement and sale of bonds on a guaranteed energy savings contract with TRANE to have energy saving systems installed at all schools.

The total project cost will be just over $3.9 million including debt services and bond issuance costs with a total financing amount to the district of $2,765,000.

The guaranteed energy savings contract was discussed at last Thursday’s board work session with Superintendent Dr. Tim Parson and the four board members who were on hand for the work session.

Parson noted the school with the highest priority needs was Albany Elementary, including the roof at that facility and most of the energy savings units would be installed at that school, although some items will be included at each of the other school facilities in the district.

AES will be the main priority and other than the high school, which is the oldest school building, the rest of the facilities will be well maintained.

With the project to be financed by bonds, no money from the school district’s general fund will have to be used, as the bonding is set aside for facility repairs only, Parson noted.

The 20-year bond, he said, will be using money the state is offering and cannot be used for anything else (other than facilities upgrades and repairs.).

Parson reviewed the GESC scope summary with TRANE with board members at the work session, as well as a sheet listing the financial plan and projected costs and energy savings projections.

In the long haul, the district is expected to actually save money with new energy efficient equipment at each school facility.

Building by building, energy savings work will include:

* AES: major HVAC renovation (includes new WSHP units, new boilers, and new hydronic pumps); upgraded building automation system; new gas-fired dishwasher booster heater; spray foam installation; new VFD for fluid cooler fan motor; interior and exterior lighting upgrades.

* Clinton Center: new hydronic pumps VFDs; new VFD for cooling tower fan motor; water bottle filling stations; exterior lighting upgrades.

* Early Childhood/Learning Center: new auditorium RTUs; upgraded building-level controller; interior and exterior lighting upgrades.

* CCMS: new gas-fired dishwasher booster heater; new building electric and gas meters; interior and exterior lighting upgrades.

* CCHS: exterior lighting upgrades.

Total project costs and total funds available is $2,765,000, with a total actual construction cost estimate of $2,673,000.

The Guaranteed Energy Savings amount under the contract is $1,651,453 with a projected optional savings of $486,774 for a total savings of $2,138,227.

The financing amount for the school district is $2,765,000 with an estimated bonding potential impact of $1,260,747. Also during last week’s work session, the board briefly reviewed some items that were to be on the regular meeting Monday night, including finances, facilities, resolutions and an SFCC (School Facilities Construction Commission) offer of assistance.

(Details on Monday night’s regular business meeting of the Clinton County Board of Education can be found in a separate article this week.)