Recanvass results in no vote change here

Posted November 20, 2019 at 3:17 pm


The race for Kentucky Governor became official late last week when incumbent Republican Matt Bevin, following a statewide vote recanvass, conceded the race to governor-elect Andy Beshear, the Democrat nominee.

In one of the state’s closest ever statewide elections, Beshear, current state Attorney General and son of former two-term Governor Steve Beshear came from behind late in the race to narrowly unseat Bevin by just over 5,000 votes statewide.

This came despite Governor Bevin winning the vast majority, reportedly over 95 of the 120 counties in the state.

Bevin conceded the race to Beshear following last week’s recanvass of votes that showed no change in the outcome as far as results that would have overturned the race.

Clinton County Clerk Nathan Collins reported that there was no vote change at all locally following the recanvass, as compared to the totals that were reported on election night November 5.

Bevin carried Clinton and all surrounding counties at the polls by relatively large margins during the general election.

The scales in Frankfort will somewhat balance beginning next year, with a Democrat governor back at the helm, but Republican control in the House and Senate.

Also, other than the race for Governor of Kentucky, all other state races that were on the ballot this election year were won by Republicans, some of whom were incumbents.

The recanvass took place across Kentucky and in Clinton County at 9 a.m. local prevailing time last Thursday, November 14. Bevin opted not to seek an official vote recount.

Democrat Commissioner for Clinton County David Warinner read off each precinct Thursday during the statewide recanvass of vote totals that had been requested by Governor Matt Bevin. Also representing the Democratic Party was Cynthia Campbell. Representing the Republican Party was Kevin Marcum, right. Also present during the recanvass was Clinton County Clerk Nathan Collins, pictured above, and, Clinton County Sheriff Jeff Vincent, not pictured.

After the tally sheets were read, it was concluded that there was no change in the results of the Tuesday, November 5 election.