Work session held prior school board meeting

Posted December 18, 2019 at 9:38 am

Clinton County Board of Education held its monthly work session last Thursday, December 12 with five of six members present.

Other than the work session on topics to be voted on at its regular meeting this past Monday night, the board did take action on one item and discussed in general some other issues without necessity of a vote.

Superintendent Dr. Tim Parson noted that the board attorney position, currently held by Winter Huff of Monticello, expired at the end of this year and asked board members their thoughts on retaining Huff or possibly taking proposals from other attorneys.

The board discussed the rates charged for board attorney services with board chairman Kevin Marcum stating he felt Huff had done a good job since taking over following the resignation of former attorney Angie Capps of Burkesville.

“You get what you pay for,” Marcum said.

Board member Bobbi Bair also requested to view the board attorney’s current contract and the board will take action on officially hiring and/or rehiring the board attorney at a later date.

Under discussion on facilities, Parson noted there would be another meeting with TRANE representatives once the contract for the Energy Savings Project is complete and noted the importance of repairing the roof at Albany Elementary.

The board also discussed requesting an emergency waiver to hire a non-certified person at the pre-school since there has been no one certified to apply. The position will have to be posted, according to the superintendent.

Parson also floated the idea of having a school student placed on the school board as an unofficial, non-voting member, but would have input on decisions from a student standpoint.

He inferred such a student would probably need to be a high school senior, possible appointed by the student council. He further said other area school districts have non-voting, non-binding students on the board to offer input.

No action was taken as the board took the suggestion under advisement and may act at a later time.

On a motion by board member Gary Norris, the board approved first reading of a an amendment to policy 09.123 pertaining to absences and excuses.

The current policy does not allow students with a high number of unexcused absences be allowed to make up work, but instead get a zero grade for that work.

The superintendent is recommending the policy change to allow students with those absences to be allowed to make up the work first in lieu of getting zero credit.

Parson said that a student should be allowed to make up their work, despite the number of absences, as a way to give them encouragement.

The board held its regular business meeting on Monday, December 16 and details on that meeting can be found beginning on page 1 in this week’s edition.