Jesley and Titus recognized last week

Posted January 29, 2020 at 9:24 am



Above, during halftime of the girls’ game on Tuesday night, January 21, against Russell County, Jesley Brown, the 12 year old daughter of Jennifer and Wesley Brown, was honored at half court and celebrated her journey as she was diagnosed with undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma (liver cancer). Brown had three blood clots near her heart, so she had to stay in the hospital until the doctors felt comfortable sending her home. The blood clots came from the tumor in her liver. In November, the tumor was removed by taking 95 percent of the right lobe of her liver. Brown finished chemo threatment in December and is doing well. The Clinton County High School Cheerleaders wore green bows in honor of Brown during the girls’ game.

Below, Titus Barrett-Weber, the 10 month old son of Thomas and Charlotte Barrett-Weber, was diagnosed with a rare terminal genetic condition at birth known as MPS1 Hurlers Syndrome. With this condition, Titus was born without an enzyme necessary to break down byproducts of cells. These byproducts build up in various organs such as the brain, eyes, heart, and bones causing damage. There is no cure for Hurlers Syndrome. The best chance at a better life for Titus was a bone marrow transplant to give his body some of the lacking enzyme. He underwent chemotherapy and transplant at three months of age and is still in isolation while his immune system recovers. Titus will still suffer from the symptoms of Hurlers, but the bone marrow transplant will slow the progression of the disease. He faces every day with a smile. Although Titus was unable to be present at the game Tuesday night, his family was in attendance as the Clinton County High School Cheerleaders wore purple bows to honor Titus.