Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted February 12, 2020 at 12:42 pm

Robbie Classic was another success

Some good crowds were on hand Saturday in The Castle as we hosted the third annual Robbie Davis Memorial Classic.

Clinton County High School’s effort to be able to pay homage to one of the athletic department’s all-time biggest supporters and one of its most well-recognized athletes, the Robbie Davis Memorial Classic brings teams to Clinton County for a day of basketball action, as well as bringing attention to its Robbie Davis Memorial Foundation and the work that the foundation has accomplished.

Rob’s passion was our youth, and he would always reach deep in his pockets when he thought he could give something to a kid that would otherwise not be able to participate.

During Saturday’s event, I read the list of accomplishments by the Foundation several times, but I think it’s fitting to repeat for my readers, in this space, the good work this organization had done, and continues to do, in honor of Rob’s name – and one of his passions:

Over $31,000 has been given to youth sports, education and personal development opportunities. The foundation estimates that it has had an impact on close to 1,400 youth in and around Clinton County.

Helped 100s of kids go to athletic camps (such as UK basketball, basketball shooting, volleyball, football and baseball camps).

Helped teams and individuals purchase athletic and music equipment and gear (soccer uniforms, travel gear, cleats, basketball uniforms).

Helped send teams and individuals to competitions and events around the country including HOSA, national cheerleading competition, FFA and other similar events.

Brought motivational speakers to the Clinton County schools.

Helped our local little league rebuild its baseball and softball fields.

Donated to start a youth sports league in Clinton County (Sky sports)

Good stuff, right there!

One snafu – but it was resolved the best way possible

Although the instructions were crystal clear to the teams coming in to the Robbie Davis Memorial Classic this weekend, there was a snafu that had to be dealt with – and in the way Clinton County does things – it was worked out, the best way possible.

When Taylor County and Christian County got ready to take the floor, it was quickly noticed that both teams had brought their road uniforms. Quick translation – we had two teams on the floor that were both wearing red uniforms.

It was quickly decided that Christian County would wear the black Classic t-shirts under the red jerseys. The officials working the game took it one step further, noting that since Taylor County had some white trim on its uniforms, they would be the “white” team when reports to the official table were made, while the t-shirt wearing Bobcats would be reported as “black”.

Never mind that in this case, the “white” designated team was the visiting team, and not the customary home team. Mix that in with the fact that the Timer (Jamie Miller), and the Public Address announcer (yours truly), didn’t really know a single player on the floor, it made for a stressful night.

It was a good basketball game, with Taylor County coming back from a double-digit deficit to win the contest, 79-73. Still, I was seriously glad to see that game finally come to a close.

In the meantime – I’m in the gym until March.