Grandparent essay winners

Posted March 11, 2020 at 1:30 pm

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Grandad Timmy Shelton

Chayse Perdue

My grandpa is like a strongly built house. He has strong oak walls, strong cedar floors, and a strong timber roof so no one can tear him down. I love my grandpa with all my heart. My grandpa’s name is Timmy Shelton, but I call him Grandad. I bet if you got to know him, you would love him as much as I do. Grandad teaches me how to be a good contractor. He helps the family. Also, he helps people in the community. My grandpa, Timmy Shelton, deserves the title Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.

Other grandpas would teach their grandchildren how to hunt and fish and other things, but Grandad teaches me that and how to be a good contractor. I remember when I was eight or nine, I was helping Grandad with a job when he said, “You hold the nail between your middle finger and your pointer finger and put them upside down. That way if you miss the nail and hit your finger, it will not hurt as bad.” That not only taught me how to build something, it meant a lot to me because he believed in me. I bet if my Grandad hired you, and you did not know how he does his work, then he would teach you how to do it his way. Therefore, Grandad would be the kind of person you would look up to.

Have you ever had a grandpa do things to help their family? When people in my family are sick, Grandad will bring them chicken noodle soup and other things they can eat. I remember when my little brother, Colt Perdue, was sick and Grandad brought him chicken noodle soup and popsicles. I believe this made my little brother happy. Also, Grandad will work hard to get jobs done so he can get paid and pay the bills for his house and work materials. He works on houses for people in the community when there is something wrong with them so they do not have to leak. In summary, Grandad would probably be the person you would like to help your family.

Grandad also helps people in the community. Grandad builds houses for people sometimes. He would build one for you if you needed one. He builds big and small storage buildings for people in the community. Lastly, Grandad would be willing to help out anyone in the community including you.

Before this paper ends, I just wanted to say even if my grandpa, Timmy Shelton, does not get the title of Kentucky Grandparent of the Year, I will still love him the same. Plus, Grandad will still be the best grandpa in the whole world to me. Grandad teaches me how to be a good contractor, he helps the family, and he helps the community. I love Grandad with all my heart, and I would do anything for him. This is one reason I wrote the grandparent essay over Grandad.

Chayse Perdue and his Grandad, Timmy Shelton.

My Pa, Russell Jones

Braxton Jones

I think my grandpa, Russell Jones, should win the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year because he is the true definition of what an inspiring grandparent should be. He has been in my life since I was born and he’s the best grandpa ever! My grandpa is caring, wise, and the bravest man I know. In other words, Russell Jones is everything but the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year.

My grandpa is caring as a man’s best friend. When I close my eyes to go to sleep, I can see my Pa taking care of his animals. He helps me when I don’t know what to do such as helping me feed my animals when I don’t know how much to feed them. He worries about me when I’m sick. He wants the best for me. For instance, he always makes time for me and helps me when I need him. My Pa is always putting others first. He is a friend to anyone who knows him. He lends a helping hand to anyone in need. All in all, there is no better person in the world that could compare to my grandpa.

My grandpa is as wise as an owl. He always knows the best solution. He is wise about what he does and wants me to be as well. My grandpa knows a lot about hunting, gardening, building, farming, working on vehicles and so much more. My Pa is a “Jack of all trades.” We do lots of things together, always having fun and making memories at the same time. He is very wise about every decision he makes. My Pa teaches me many important things about life. He is the smartest man I know. In brief, my Pa is truly one of a kind.

My Pa is as brave as a lion. He is not scared of anything. I feel so safe anytime that I am with him. If I was ever in trouble or had a problem, I know I could count on my grandpa to be there to help me. I can depend on my Pa to know what to do in any situation and that makes me feel so safe. Therefore, my grandpa is my go to person, best friend and hero.

At last, the Kentucky Grandparent of the Year should go to my Pa, Russell Jones. He deserves to win this for so many reasons. If I can grow up to be anything like my Pa, I would be so blessed. My grandpa is someone that I look up to in every way and I love him very much! Family is the most important and the number one thing to him. He never wants or asks anything for himself, that’s why he should win this. It would mean so much to him and to me. Even if he doesn’t win, I am very proud of my Pa and he will always be a winner in my eyes.

Braxton Jones and his Grandpa, Russell Jones.