COVID – 19 – No current cases in Clinton; Case numbers drop across district

Posted May 6, 2020 at 12:07 pm

No current cases in Clinton; Case numbers drop across district

After nearly two months of collecting and comparing data, the number of COVID-19 cases within the 10 county Lake Cumberland District Health Department district appear to have not only “plateaued”, but in the past week have taken a drastic drop.

According to statistics distributed to area media on a daily basis, in the past week, the number of current cases in the LCDHD have been reduced by nearly two thirds.

District cases

Last Monday, April 26, the total number of current cases in the district was listed at 86, with 14 hospitalized and 72 in self-isolation.

By Monday afternoon, May 4, those numbers had dropped to 30 active cases, five being hospitalized and 25 in self-isolation.

During that one-week period, none of those cases were in Clinton County.

Clinton County has had a total of three active cases during the period of this pandemic, but at the present time, all three have been released and are listed as “recovered”.

District hot-spot numbers dropping

The biggest contributing factor to this drastic drop in cases within the district can be accounted for by the number of recovered and released cases in the district’s hardest hit county, Adair County.

Adair County saw its active cases reduced from 60 last Monday, April 26, to 17 by Monday of this week.

Adair County is the location of a nursing home, Signature HealthCARE at Summitt Manor, where an outbreak of the virus among both patients and staff occurred.

At one point, more than 60 residents and some 17 staff members had tested positive for COVID-19.

At least two staff members and nine residents have died as a result of contracting the disease. In all, 13 of the 18 deaths in the 10 county LCDHD district occurred in Adair County.