COVID-19 weekly Q&A session with LCDHD/area media

Posted June 23, 2020 at 12:27 pm

A list of questions was presented to the LCDHD staff by the media. Those questions, and the answers given, are provided in the following article for the readers of the Clinton County News.

The media updates are presented weekly and the Clinton County News will continue to participate in those briefings so we can better keep our readers informed

A media Zoom meeting was held on June 17, 2020 for our media partners and community. A list of questions was presented to our staff by the media.

Our panel consisted of:

Shawn Crabtree, Executive Director

Dr. Christine Weyman, Medical Director

Stuart Spillman, Environmental Health Director

Tracy Aaron, Health Education Director – moderator


Shawn and Stuart

? Some communities are going ahead with public fireworks shows and related events. Is there any new guidance on these types of events and should organizers still be planning them around July 4th?

We have not received any guidance from the Governor’s Office on July 4th celebrations at this time.

? It appears that the new direction from state leadership is to just let the virus go. What little protection mandates that are issued are, for the most part, ignored or the rules are bent way beyond where they are supposed to be. I read that Beshear is going to further open restaurants beyond the 33% (most aren’t following the current guidelines per parking lots fullness that I’ve observed – AND I ordered take out from a Burkesville café last week when I was up there and when I went in to pay, the place was packed with only one table designated for COVID-19 distancing. (I wore a mask, paid for my food, and high-tailed it.)

So, my question is – have officials decided that the economy and public out cry against closures will rule the day OR is the virus just not as dangerous as some reports and experts seem to imply?

Thanks! The Health Department will provide guidance from the Governor’s Office as requested.

While it is true that the public has seemed to lose interest, the virus is continuing to affect people in our community. We are seeing increase in numbers in the last two weeks and have seen fopur churches become affected. We still strongly encourage people to avoid crowds, wear a mask when you are out, stay socially distanced, and wash your hands frequently.

Understanding that there is widespread complacency on following the guidance, and understanding the health department has limited enforcement authority, we strongly recommend that everyone interested in protecting themselves and their families follow the guidance of social distancing (staying six feet from others); avoiding crowds; staying home if you are sick (fever or coughing); washing your hands thoroughly and often; and increasing your sanitation practices. We also strongly encourage the population at large to wear masks to protect others.

? We have been hearing that the numbers of cases are on the rise. Overall are we safer as a district from the virus now than three months ago? Concerning risk of spreading.

We are no safer, we just know better how to reduce the risk. We expected cases to rise as people co-mingled more. We also understand we can’t stop the spread of this virus. The goal is mitigation, which means we don’t want to see too many people sick at any given time as to overwhelm the public health and medical infrastructures.

Dr Weyman

? I have heard approximately 60 percent of current new cases are asymptomatic, is this correct and in saying this could at this point Public Health offer a testing event for anti-bodies?

We only know about cases we know about (those who have tested positive). Of the total cases we know about, 10% are asymptomatic. Post-May about 25%. The change is due to more asymptomatic people being tested now.