Group seeks, is granted July 11 protest permit

Posted June 23, 2020 at 12:39 pm

The most recent talk of the town–and county- has been the apparent planned “protest” in Albany that is reportedly going to take place on Saturday, July 11.

City Clerk/Treasurer Melissa Smith did confirm on Monday of this week that, after discussing the permit request made by local resident LeMegan Shelton, the permit was granted by the city.

The city does have an ordinance in place dealing with such requests for peaceful protest, which requires a license fee of $25 be acquired.

Smith noted that another of the presumed event organizers actually picked up the permit.

Some information about the organized event has appeared on social media sites.

The protestors, who say the event is going to be “peaceful” and to “show love,” are referring to the group as “No Hate in Our Holler.”

Several other listed organizers of the protest, which admittedly is to join with other people across the country protesting over alleged police brutality, are apparently asking churches, police officers and others to join.

The organizers, according to their website, claim the protest will be open only to people who are not going to cause trouble.

They also apparently plan on having music and different speakers at the event to be held in Albany.

According to Smith, Albany Mayor Lyle Pierce indicated he would bring the protest subject up to the full city council at an upcoming special meeting, or next regular meeting, the latter which is not scheduled until Tuesday, July 7, just four days before the event is to take place.

There have been rumors that the protest organizers are planning on busing in other protestors from other cities and possibly other states to take part, but that is unconfirmed.

No further details were known as of press deadline on Tuesday morning, but will be announced when more official information becomes available.