VFW uses fire to make money for local chapter

Posted June 23, 2020 at 12:42 pm


The VFW has been busy firing up the grill during the past month. On three separate occasions, they have cooked meat and taken orders in order to raise money for the VFW building located in the city limits of Albany. VFW Post Commander Jason Warinner said he feels like this fund raiser will only get bigger the more they are able to host it.

“I think it’s picking up. All the funds are going back into the post rebuild and things to benefit the community. We’ve gotta buy new tables and chairs for the big room, which will be around $5,000.00, so that’s where the money from Friday went,” Warinner said. “We also received an additional $1,000.00 in donations on Friday, so we’re about $2,000.00 from reaching that goal.”

This past week, the VFW cooked pork tenderloins, 97 of them to be exact, and raised more than $2,100.

“The first two times we sold Boston butts for $1,000.00 total the first time and $1,300.00 the second time,” Warinner said. “I think it’s a good fundraiser because those giving are also getting something in return. Everyone’s gotta eat, and with a lot of the restaurants being shut down or limited capacity lately, it gives people a chance to have something different to chose from to feed their family.”

Warinner said it is also a chance for the VFW members to get together and be productive during the pandemic.

In the above photo, Warinner was found checking pork loin temperatures on Friday afternoon.