Protest deemed peaceful by Sheriff

Posted July 14, 2020 at 2:34 pm



As Saturday’s protest came and went, Clinton County Sheriff Jeff Vincent said it was, in fact a “peaceful protest.”

On June 18, LeMegan Shelton, with the group “No Hate In Our Holler” was issued a permit for a peaceful protest and for most of the citizens of Clinton County it has been on everyone’s topic of conversation list.

On Saturday, June 11, at 3 p.m., the protest began with a small march from the Albany Police Department’s parking lot to the south lawn of the Clinton County Courthouse.

Surrounding the courthouse were citizens from Clinton County who came out to keep check on the protesters.

“I feel like the citizens who showed up were in support of law enforcement and for that I’m thankful,” Vincent said. “They were peaceful people who didn’t like the idea of somebody coming in from the outside, according to what they heard on social media, to damage something. They felt like they were coming to their homes. I’m thankful for the support of the overwhelming majority of the general public because they know my department has had absolutely zero police brutality or racism in it.”

Most people who were there to view the protest in opposition were armed with at least one firearm and in some cases multiple firearms, but according to Vincent, it was in fact a “peaceful protest.”

“It was about what I anticipated and hoped for,” Vincent said. “You have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

Law enforcement officers were on hand Saturday, including Sheriff’s offices from Cumberland County, Russell County and Casey County.

“All my guys were here and my sheriff buddies from other counties came,” Vincent said. “I thank them for coming, including the Albany Police, and the Kentucky State Police sent a few people. We were in good shape.”

Sheriff Vincent said he hopes it doesn’t happen any more and said there is no creditable intelligence of a future protest as of press time.

“I don’t describe spats on social media as being creditable intelligence. Could anyone come and protest at any time? Of course they can … It’s a free country. I don’t like it, I don’t like that it happened and hope it doesn’t happen again,” Vincent said. “I am thankful to the citizens of Clinton County and I’m extremely honored to be the Sheriff of Clinton County. Knowing that people in the county are backing you up means a lot.”

Protesters from the group “No Hate In Our Holler” were led by protest organizer LeMegan Shelton Saturday on a march to the Clinton County Courthouse lawn. Clinton County Sheriff Jeff Vincent said the event was, in-fact “peaceful.


Protesters from the group “No Hate In Our Holler” gathered around on the south side of the Clinton County Courthouse Saturday afternoon as a part of their constitutional right to a peaceful protest. Across the street, several citizens against the protest were expressing their feelings towards the event including Michael Willen seen above holding up a sign. In the photo below, a line of citizens who came out in opposition of the protest lined the south side wall of the courthouse Saturday afternoon.