Hundreds of people were on hand Saturday for the auction of the property known as Smitty’s Drive-In in south Albany.

Posted July 21, 2020 at 2:59 pm

Smitty's crowd.psd

The drive-in, including the drive-in resaurant that was owned and operated by James and Shelva Smith for some 40 yearshas been closed since 2000, but Saturday’s gathering produced memories and stories from those attending throughout the morning, afternoon and well into the evening before the auction concluded.

Smitty’s Drive-In was an iconic gathering spot for teenagers and adults alike in Albany from it’s opening in the early 1960s through it’s final day in 2000.

Saturday’s auction saw Nathan and Melissa Thrasher purchase the lot that included the restaurant building and parking lot. Other surrounding parcels were also purchased by the Thrashers, as well as Troy Stearns with the home lot being purchased by Ravindra Patel.

A hugh selection of personal property, much of it coming from the Drive-In collection itself, was sold during Saturday’s auction. The iconic Coca-Cola and flashing star sign that stood at the east side of the parking lot, was purchased by Adam and Kelly Latham.