Ballot positions set for local general election races

Posted July 21, 2020 at 3:04 pm

With only a handful of local races in this fall’s general election appearing on the ballot, there has been little election talk in the county thus far.

In addition to the national races for President, the state election for U.S. Senator and a handful of other races voters will be condidering, three separate races will be on Clinton County ballots, although not all of those races will appear on all voter ballots.

In a recent event held in County Clerk Nathan Collins’ office, the order in which the candidates will appear on the fall ballot was determined throuigh a blind draw procedure.

All three of the races are non-partisan races and weren’t involved in last month’s primary election voting.

Voters who live inside the Albany city limits, will be selecting a new city council, with seven candidates running for the five seats on the council.

The candidates seeking those five council seats, in the order in which they will appear on the ballot are: Sara Wilson-Browning, Gene Ferrill, Joe Stockton, Steve Lawson, Tonya Thrasher, Reed Sloan and Scott York.

In school board District 2, voters will cast ballots for the district’s school board member. Appearing first on the ballot will be Ronald Albertson, with Sue Irwin appearing in the second position.

The only set of local candidates that all voters in the county will see on their ballots is the race for seats on the Clinton County Soil Conservation board.

Three candidates will appear on the ballot, Kathy Conner, Greg Abston and Roger Beard, in that order.

That race is slightly complicated, however, according to County Clerk Collins, who explained that three candidates are running for board seats, but four Soil Conservtion board seats are open.

He explained that if no one files as a write-in candidate for that race, the three appearing on the ballot will win a board seat, and a fourth member will be appointed.

However, if more than one person should file to be a write-in candidate, then all of the votes would have to be counted to determine the top four vote getters in that race.