Clinton case numbers are down after 10 case in four day start

Posted September 1, 2020 at 2:15 pm

Clinton County’s COVID-19 patient numbers went through another roller coaster week of ups and downs, but as of Tuesday morning, had ended on a positive level.

Beginning with the case numbers released by Lake Cumberland District Health Department on Tuesday of last week, and tracking for a seven day stretch from then, Clinton County appeared to be on the road toward a dangerous case spike at first.

During the first four days of that week long period, the county saw an additional 10 cases being added to its numbers, two each on Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by two straight days when three cases were added each day for a total of 10 new COVID-19 cases here.

However, for the next three days, ending Monday of this week, Clinton County had no new cases added to it’s count.

Adding to that positive news for Clinton County, during that same period of time between Tuesday of last week to Monday of this week, more cases, 11 in this instance, were released from the local case count and moved into the “recovered” category, than the total number of new cases, 10, during the same time.

Currently, Clinton County has 10 active cases within it’s population, and as of Tuesday morning, it was the county with the lowest number of active cases within the 10 county LCDHD area.

Clinton County’s current case count shows two patients who are hospitalized as of Tuesday morning.

Among the new cases that were counted within Clinton County last week, several were juveniles, including an eight year-old male, a 13 year-old male and a 16 year-old male.

Since the pandemic began, Clinton County has experienced 71 new cases, with one death.

Across the district, it was not a very encouraging week as far as case numbers go, with more cases being added to county totals during the past week than any week since the pandemic began in Kentucky back in March.

During the week between last Tuesday and this Monday, the district saw 245 new cases being added to its count.

At one point, after Sunday’s case numbers were released late Sunday evening, it appeared as if the district might be poised to go over the 400 current case mark for the first time ever, with 396 current cases listed that evening.

However, in a positive turn, on Monday the district released considerably more cases to the “recovered” category than it counted new cases, moving some 61 cases out of the current listing, while introducing 30 new cases that same day.

Amy Tomlinson, spokesperson for the LCDHD, pointed to the positive case numbers in the information brief distributed Monday evening.

“We released more cases today than we added,” she said. “We certainly hope that continues. Though, we did add 30 cases today. Our growth rate still projects our total cases to double in just over 31 days.”

Please help us slow the spread of COVID-19 by wearing your face covering, avoiding crowds (especially in confined spaces), social distancing when around others, increasing your hand hygiene, increasing your general sanitation, and by avoiding the touching of your face,” Tomlinson said.

As of Tuesday morning of this week, the district was showing a count of 364 current cases across the 10 county area.

Among those 364 current cases, 19 were hospitalized patients, leaving 345 in the self-isolated category.

Case numbers across the LCDHD 10 county region (and the number of hospitalized patents shown in parenthesis) are: Pulaski 119 (3), Green 68 (4), McCreary 39 (0), Taylor 36 (3), Russell 34 (2), Casey 19 (1), Wayne 13 (1), Cumberland 12 (1), Clinton 10 (2).

Since the pandemic began there have been 1,993 total cases of COVID-19 within the LCDHD area.