Park board takes limited actions

Posted September 8, 2020 at 1:34 pm

The Clinton County Recreation Park Board held a long, special meeting last Thursday, September 3, at Mountain View Park with eight members on hand. Maintenance Director Michael Hood was also present for the one and a half-hour meeting.

Only general items of business were discussed.

Board members first reviewed the monthly treasurer’s report and then voted to purchase a new tote bag for use by board treasurer Gina Poore, who is responsible for keeping up with all financial documents related to the park board.

The problem of people “driving” their vehicles on the walking track and on the basketball court area was also discussed.

The board discussed putting up poles or concrete strips at both entrances, but eventually opted, on a motion by board chairman Wayne Glover, to first put up signs marked no vehicle traffic allowed at entrance ways. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

The issue may be revisited if the problem persists.

It was also noted that lights at the park are now off until early next spring when the park will be back in use for nighttime activity.

Board member Chris Marlow also noted that mowing at the park needed to be done during daytime hours only.

Board member Todd Messer also questioned how many hours of work by the park director were needed per week/month with the park basically being closed to summer activity.

The primary work of the park and maintenance directors are mowing, trash disposal and keeping the park clean, and the most recent work being the labor needed during the U.S. 127 Corridor Sale, which netted the park only $780.00 in space rentals this year.

Marlow, who is also Youth League President, and Messer, a board member, recommended that Little League and SKY Sports, when using the park during nighttime events, pay for the cost of lighting the fields to take the burden off the park board.

They also noted Youth League could assist in paying for other things, such as equipment to drag fields, etc.

Messer also informed the board that after discussions with county legal advisors, Little League cannot become a part, or subcommittee, of the park board, or be underneath them (park board) under the terms of the park board’s bylaws.

Messer said he had been informed that the Little League could not become a part of the park board without the park board taking over (Little League).

For the past several months, in an attempt to join forces to help with work and added revenues at the park, discussions have been ongoing about possibly having a Youth League subcommittee join with the park board as non-voting members.

No action was necessary on the issue.

Other issues, including the ongoing problem of trash being left at the park and restrooms being struck by some type of vandalism was discussed, as well as obtaining cheaper lighting in certain areas at the park.

A long term goal of both the park board and Youth League, that being tearing down the existing concession stand building, which is almost becoming a safety hazard, was also briefly discussed prior to the meeting being adjourned.

The next and last regular meeting of the year for the park board is not scheduled until the last Thursday in October at 6 p.m. with the location to be announced prior to the meeting.