Park board holds call meeting

Posted October 6, 2020 at 1:37 pm

The Clinton County Recreation/Park Board held a special call meeting last Thursday night, October 1 at Mountain View Park with a limited number of items to discuss.

After approving the monthly treasurer’s report, on a motion by Jeff Pharis, the board, on a motion by Leland Hicks, voted unanimously to put the basketball goals back up at the park.

Discussion then turned to whether or not to charge the few vendors there would be that take a space at the park during the often overlooked Rollercoaster Yard Sale. The route includes Clinton County, but sees little participation at the park.

It is unclear whether or not the handful of vendors for that early fall sale had been charged a rental fee for the three-day period, as are those that set up during the U.S. 127 Corridor Sale.

Although the sale ran last Thursday through Saturday, only one vendor had set up a space as of last Thursday night, but board members agreed, that in fairness to 127 Sale vendors, if they are charged for rental fees, other such sale vendors should also be asked to pay the same.

Following a brief discussion, a motion was made by Chris Marlow, seconded by Patrick Padron, voting unanimously to charge $60 per space for the Rollercoaster weekend vendors.

The board also discussed setting funds aside to purchase a new side-by-side Gator to be used for various grounds maintenance at the park, possibly making payment on such a piece of equipment if necessary.

Marlow estimated a new side-by-side Gator would cost around $8,000 and agreed to talk to Clinton County Judge Ricky Craig about possible assistance in obtaining the equipment.

Because the board has had past problems having enough members on hand to constitute an official meeting, they discussed possibly changing days of the meetings.

However, it was decided to change the time of the meetings to one hour earlier in hopes of allowing more members time to attend, as well as do other things afterward.

On a motion by Padron, seconded by Marlow, the board voted unanimously to hold its meetings at 5 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.

Without necessity of a vote, the board agreed to allow SKY Sports the use of a field. They also discussed ordering “no vehicle” traffic signs for the entrance ways to the walking track and discussed, but took no action on, possibly removing or making repairs, to the outside entrance fencing.

The just over one-hour long meeting was then adjourned with another end of the year call meeting scheduled for November 5 at 5 p.m. with the location to be announced.