Break the doldrums with a little Scarecrow fun

Posted October 20, 2020 at 1:52 pm

Going COVID crazy?

Is the upcoming election driving you nuts?

The crew at the Clinton County office of the Cooperative Extension Service has come up with what should be a fun and time consuming distraction to the pandemic/election blues that many of us have.

The first annual Community Wide Scarecrow Trail was announced last week by the Clinton County Extension Office, and Christy Nuetzman Guffey told the Clinton County News that she hopes this first edition is popular enough to be an event that is held annually.

She hopes to see homemade scarecrows popping up all across Albany and Clinton County and for this first edition, the theme for constructing the scarecrows is open.

“Tap into your creative side and decorate your own scarecrow,” notes a promotional flyer Guffey forwarded to the Clinton County News last week, adding that participation was open to everyone – businesses, organizations, groups and individuals, adding that making scarecrows, as well as hitting the road and searching them out, would be a family friendly event.

The Scarecrow Trail is free to enter and the trail searching can begin October 27 and should continue through November 10.

Once a scarecrow has been constructed and put in place, the Clinton County Cooperative Extension Facebook Page will be utilized to post photos as well as the locations of all entered scarecrows.

Contact the Extension Office for a registration form and for more details or answers to any questions (606-387-5404).

Free to enter, there will be a special prize for the People’s Choice Award winning scarecrow.

Hit the road as a family and go find the scarecrows.

Happy Scarecrow Hunting!