Operation Hometown Christmas to help deserving families during holidays

Posted November 18, 2020 at 4:23 pm

Family nominations due this Friday

A locally organized effort, which will hopefully centralize holiday giving to deserving families, is being spearheaded by a group of volunteers and is working under the name of Operation Hometown Christmas.

According to Christy Nuetzman, who has organized the local group of volunteers working with the Operation Hometown Christmas movement, the effort is being jointly organized through volunteers from Albany, Clinton County and The Good Shepherd Ministry.

Nuetzman noted that assistance forms to nominate local families who would most deserve the assistance from Operation Hometown Christmas may be obtained by contacting the organization directly at 606-387-5404.

She stressed that the Family Assistance Nomination Forms should be completed and returned no later than this Friday, November 20.

Nuetzman provided the Clinton County News with an informational letter she has distributed to local individuals, businesses and organizations that might get involved in this holiday relief effort.

The following is the content of the informational letter that is being distributed by Nuetzman. Anyone wishing to contribute, volunteer, or obtain more information should call 606-387-5404.

Dear Community Partner: The holiday season is upon us and the needs of families throughout our community are great.

This is why volunteers throughout Albany, Clinton County and The Good Shepherd Ministry, Inc. have come together to jointly serve families in our area during this Christmas season.

Instead of businesses, churches, government agencies and school resources helping families individually, this year we are combining our efforts to serve more richly and with the intent to serve in a greater capacity through Operation Hometown Christmas.

The purpose of this letter is two-fold:

1) Inform everyone in the community that there is one main database that will capture the names of those in need during the Christmas season.

If you are contacted by someone asking for donations or food assistance, please direct them to this program. Assistance forms will be accepted through November 20.

The ultimate goal of Operation Hometown Christmas is to get toys, clothing and food into the hands of needy families during the Christmas season.

Families who are eligible to participate in the program should submit requests for items that each child/adult in the household needs on the form by November 20.

2) Request that you consider donating financially to this project or sponsor a family/families seeking assistance.

Once the database is finalized, we ask that any business or group connect with us and determine the number of families they will sponsor.

Those entities will still shop and deliver to families as in previous years.

If you choose to give a donation, make your check payable to The Good Shepherd Ministry.

This is a 501(c)(3) public charity and your tax-deductible charitable contribution will help them to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

Operation Hometown Christmas along with The Good Shepherd of Hope Ministries, Inc. will serve families in need during Christmas, with the hope thatthis act will empower them to see beyond their circumstances. In essence, through the delivery of Christmas toys and food where there might not be any otherwise. No matter what challenges may be in their path, no one should have to worry about missing a meal or a child being denied a Christmas present.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that every family signed up will receive gifts through the program.

Families selected to get toys depends on the number of sponsors and donations received.

Our goal and prayers are to serve everyone who requests assistance.

Ways that families are identified include:

•Parents requesting help for their children

•Social workers requesting assistance on behalf of their case families

•Food stamp workers or Food Shares workers requesting food for families

•Religious clergy can request help for families that they are aware have a need

•Other adults such as friends, teachers, or neighbors can request assistance for a family that they are aware of needing help

In general, individuals and families that are unable to buy food or gifts for their own due to financial hardship are eligible for participation.

You can reach the organization directly through the following methods:


(606) 387-5404


Operation Hometown Christmas

Clinton County Extension Office

2601 N Highway 127

Albany, KY 42602

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your prompt response on how you will be involved in this community-wide project.


Christy Nuetzman


Hometown Christmas