England is new Library Director

Posted January 13, 2021 at 9:18 am

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For only the third time in the past several decades, Clinton County Public Library has a new Library Director, as Margaret England officially assumed those duties on January 1. She replaced long-time Library Director Gayla Duvall who had served for almost 30 years.

England, who was selected from a list of candidates by the Clinton County Library Board, began as Assistant Library Director on May 1, 2018.

England, a Louisville native, met her husband, Bro. Jim England, pastor of Stony Point Baptist Church, while attending college at Western Kentucky University.

After living in northern Kentucky for four years, the Englands moved to Albany in 2006 and have three children, Frank and Glyn, 26 and 24, respectively, who both live outside of Clinton County, and 15 year old daughter Maggie, a sophomore at Clinton County High School.

England holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English and minoring in writing, and holds a paraprofessional certification in library work.

She has worked at various jobs, including secretarial work, bank receptionist, advertising assistant, teacher’s aide and, prior to taking the assistant librarian position, as a substitute teacher in the local school system.

England said she applied for the director’s job once the position was posted because she had been working with Gayla (Duvall) and learned a lot about how the library functioned and the basics, such as helping patrons find what they want, how to get books, and also added she did a lot of grant writing.

A couple of the grants included one to obtain children’s books and another to help get extra supplies for the library due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She also discussed a new program the library is offering to help patrons have access to WiFi “hot spots,” who may not have internet access at home. (A separate article on that new initiative can be found beginning on page 1.)

The new library director feels that one of the major assets she brings to the position is a strong work ethic which will translate into actively working to better the library and meet the people’s needs. “I care about Clinton County and its citizens and want it (library) to be available to offer what people might need,” she said.

She said she would like to see the library have a bigger community role. “It’s more than just books, it’s information and fun.”

She added she missed seeing people, especially children, at the facility over the past months due to the COVID restrictions, saying the library has a wonderful staff in place and have done a fine job to reach patrons despite the current circumstances.

One of the things she sees the library needing is more space, such as a nice meeting room. “Most libraries have at least one large nice meeting room for meetings and other events,” she said.

She said she would also like to see literature materials and genealogy services expanded, adding, “The library itself is a beautiful place” and that people visiting for the first time often compliment it.

England also listed the current library board members, four of the five of whom were in place when she was hired for the position. Board members include Chairman Amanda Messer; Treasurer Pam Morgan; Secretary Linda Barnett and board members Janie Gibson and Patty Crouch (the latest who took the role after England was hired.)

The new director also had high praise for her predecessor. “Gayla was an incredible mentor. Any success I may have, she has been my spring board. She is a wealth of knowledge.”

“If I can do as well as she did, I feel I would have done a good job,” and again commended her dedicated staff members.

“I want to know what patrons want and need,” she concluded.