CCHS Academic Team is District Champ for 10th Consecutive Year

Posted February 3, 2021 at 2:39 pm

CCHS Academic TeamG.psd

The CCHS Academic Team competed in the 15th District Governor’s Cup on Tuesday, January 19 and Saturday, January 23, securing the championship for the 10th consecutive year.

The Quick Recall Team placed first.

The FPS team placed first.

The following students placed in written assessment:

•Kendra Bertram (4th in Arts and Humanities and 5th

in Composition)

•Jake Boils (1st in Mathematics and 3rd in Science)

•Makenzie Cope (3rd in Mathematics)

•Alex Duvall (2nd in Social Studies)

•Tyler Guffey (4th in Science and 4th in Social Studies)

•Katie Jones (1st in Composition)

•Evan Little (1st in Arts and Humanities)

•Loren Little (1st in Language Arts)

•Caleb Marcum (5th in Science)

•Moriah Moons (4th in Language Arts and 4th in


•Emma Tompkins (3rd in Social Studies and 2nd in Arts

and Humanities)

The FPS team consists of: Ashton Daniels, Evan Little, Loren Little, and Caleb Marcum.

The quick recall team consists of: Kendra Bertram, Jake Boils, Makenzie Cope, Ashton Daniels, Alex Duvall, Tyler Guffey, Katie Jones, Evan Little, Loren Little, Caleb Marcum, Moriah Moons, and Emma Tompkins.

The entire team advances to Regional Governor’s Cup on Monday, February 8, and Saturday, February 13.

The written assessment and quick recall teams are coached by Mrs. Danielle Hicks. The FPS team is coached by Mrs. Gina Poore.

Pictured in their Zoom competition setting are: top row (L to R): Makenzie Cope, Emma Tompkins, Tyler Guffey, Evan Little

Middle row (L to R): Moriah Moons, Alex Duvall, Katie Jones, Ashton Daniels

Bottom row (L to R): Caleb Marcum, Kendra Bertram, Jake Boils, Loren Little