Ronald Albertson is newest member of Board of Education

Posted February 3, 2021 at 2:57 pm

Ronald Albertson.psd

The Clinton County Board of Education has one new school board member following the 2020 election cycle, as newcomer Ronald Albertson began serving on the school board just over a month ago.

Albertson, 56, was running in his first ever political campaign when he defeated a sitting incumbent in the closest non-partisan race in recent memory by a single vote and is now serving constituents in the Seventy-Six and Cave Springs precincts.

He is a 1983 graduate of Clinton County High School and was still a student while volunteering to serve in the military. He served during Desert Storm while in the service and was then employed by the Kentucky Department of Transportation, working here in Clinton County, but has been retired from that job for the past few years.

Albertson, the son of the late Jack and Joyce Albertson, came from a large family of 12, himself having seven brothers and four sisters. He and his wife, the former Amy Reneau, have eight grandchildren, six of whom are of school age.

The newest board member said he decided to seek the position of board member because he wanted to see “every child (student), and teacher have the same opportunity I have had,” again mentioning his grandchildren who are currently enrolled in the school district.

“I want to make sure teachers have what they need to educate our children, and further, to keep politics out of things.”

Albertson said he felt a couple of the most pressing needs are to educate children properly and bring back some common sense.

While touching on the issue of the need for a new high school, the new board member said he would like to know what is wrong with the old one first and get more information on the issue as time goes on.

Albertson was quick to note that the largest asset in the school district right now is the people. “We have some outstanding people and staff and we need to give them what they need to educate our children.”

He also added that Superintendent Dr. Tim Parsons, whom he has communicated with a few times since being elected, “seems like he is really striving to help the students.”

Albertson noted that in the months and years to come, he would like to see the COVID-19 situation ease, noting that with the virus being the way it is, it is going to be hard to see a lot of positive change.

He also said he felt the current school board would be good people to work with, saying he felt their intentions were to move the district forward and they all have a good attitude.

Albertson said he has learned during his early weeks on the board that “there is a lot more to it” than he anticipated. “There are a lot of needs that are out there for students and staff,” he added.

Albertson said other than seeing the COVID situation under control, he would like to see better test scores and see “students being happy to go to school.” He said, “There are several things in general, we need integrity in our school system and I want to see people who can say they are proud to be graduates of Clinton County High School.”

The latest member on the board also recalled that once he joined the Army out of high school, he learned words and meanings that had not been taught in school.

Albertson thanked the superintendent and fellow school board members for their good welcome. “If we all get together, we can accomplish great things,” he said.

He further said that if anyone wanted to talk to him as a board member, he was always willing to listen. “I want to be active and take a big part in this.”

Albertson, who also said he would be a strong advocate for trade school, or vocational technical education, also thanked the people of the Cave Springs and Seventy-Six communities for putting their trust in him to be their school board member and also the superintendent and his staff for helping make the transition go well.