High school case numbers rise, cheerleaders, girls’ basketball team under quarantine

Posted February 9, 2021 at 3:15 pm

The Clinton County Lady Bulldogs, along with the Clinton County Cheerleading squad, have fallen into the bad fortune of COVID-19 quarantine almost midway through the basketball season.

It was confirmed Monday morning by Head Cheerleading Coach Lori Dalton that her team is in fact, in quarantine at this time.

Superintendent Dr. Tim Parson said a positive case within any group, whether it be a classroom or a sports team, may mean a period of quarantine for the rest of that classroom or team.

“With no symptoms and a negative test, quarantine lasts 7 days now,” Parson said. “Without a test, but no symptoms, 10 days now. Any symptoms and no test is 14 days, so it really depends on the parents and whether or not they go get tested.”

As of Monday morning, 45 students from the high school were listed as being in quarantine, with 12 students being listed as testing positive.

Also at the high school, 10 staff members are listed as being in quarantine, which, according to Parson, is too close for comfort to going all virtual.

“We will do everything we can to hang on,” Parson said.