Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted March 30, 2021 at 12:26 pm

March Madness continues,

on to Rupp Arena

It’s down to the final 32 teams now, 16 heading to Lexington and Rupp Arena this week for the boys’ KHSAA Sweet 16, while the 16 girls’ teams are on hold until the following week when they also will take to the Rupp Arena floor.

When it’s all said and done, we will have crowned two champions in Kentucky, and that’s how it should be.

Other states break their championships down into categories and divisions, some by size, some by public or private, some by both.

That can lead to crowning a half-dozen or more champions, but when Kentucky turns out the lights in Rupp Arena the next two Saturday nights, lowers that banner to the floor, shines the spotlight on the big trophy, and gets the last game of this COVID-19 strange season underway, we all will know what is at stake.

The KHSAA 2021 basketball championship.

One trophy, one championship, one banner.

Only in Kentucky – but we do it right!

Respect the mullet – Matt Jones and KSR did

One of the most satisfying aspects of this past Clinton County roundball season, outside of the Xs and Os on the hardwood, has been watching how the fans, local and visiting, have embraced Bulldog Blake Melton’s choice of hairstyle.

Sporting a mullet – and a very nice one at that, Melton has caught the eye of everyone who has entered the Clinton County gym this season to watch the Bulldogs, and even some who didn’t.

As the NEWS showed in a photo made during the All “A” Classic state tournament in late February, most of Blake’s family members even paid homage to the “doo” with custom made shirts telling of their relation – “Mom of #44” and a caricature of the long hair with the words “Respect The Mullet” on the front.

During the final game for the Bulldogs, that Sunday afternoon quarter-final loss against Bowling Green, Kentucky Sports Radio’s Twitter site posted a photo of Blake throwing an inbounds pass into play, noting that he had a “great mullet, chops and form … my favorite player so far.”

Then on Monday’s KSR Radio Show, host Matt Jones again showed Blake some respect by pointing his audience toward the Twitter account for another look at the now famous mullet.

Sampson’s strength was in his hair. Turns out Blake’s fame is in his hair also. Respect the mullet.

It’s finally roundball tournament time…

Don’t call me until mid April!