Burton sentenced to 20 years

Posted June 16, 2021 at 8:11 am


One of two defendants charged in the brutal beating and robbery of an elderly Clinton County woman in early January of last year has taken a plea agreement in Clinton Circuit Court.

Christopher Burton took the plea agreement offered by the Commonwealth during the monthly term of Clinton Circuit Court last Thursday, June 10.

Under terms of the plea bargain, the prosecution recommended dismissing charges of two counts of persistent felony offender.

Upon a plea of guilty to complicity to assault 1st degree, the defendant shall receive a sentence of 20 years and upon a plea of guilty to 1st degree burglary, a plea of 20 years, to run concurrently for 20 years to serve. The Commonwealth opposed probation.

As part of the plea bargain, Burton agrees to cooperate with the Commonwealth in preparation for the trial of Commonwealth vs. Joseph Evener, the other man accused in connection with the crimes.

In relation to the same case, during motion hour last week, Circuit Judge David L. Williams set a new trial date for Evener, a three-day trial was scheduled for August 23-25.

Evener is charged with 1st degree assault, 1st degree burglary, and two counts of 2nd degree persistent felony offender.

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department made the arrests involving the heinous crime that occurred in the early morning hours of January 2, 2020.

According to Sheriff Jeff Vincent, the suspects entered the home of Flonnie Ferrill, and during the invasion, “severely beat this 83 year old woman.”

The victim was taken to The Med Center Albany and later transferred to a hospital in Lexington for treatment of injuries. Upon returning home, she was taken to Clinton County Care and Rehab Center for rehabilitation for hip injuries and other wounds, according to reports.

The victim was severely beaten in the face area and also had a broken hip and a laceration on her head, the sheriff noted.

Deputy Sheriff Jose Lagos was the lead officer on the case and worked hard at making the arrests, Vincent said.

Just over a month later, on February 6 of last year, the two men were both indicted on the charged by a Clinton County Grand Jury.

Evener was additionally indicted by the grand jury in a separate case that allegedly occurred two days later at another residence on January 4 when he allegedly “entered or remained unlawfully” in the residence of Norb and Lisa Sohm with the intent to commit a crime.

Sheriff Vincent made the following comment following Burton’s plea last week:

“This has been the worst, most violent crime that I have worked since I’ve been sheriff,” Vincent said. “I think the public should be glad that this is finally being resolved and this individual is being punished as he should be.”