Case numbers reach 150, record high in pandemic

Posted September 2, 2021 at 8:44 am

After several weeks recently with no new cases being reported here, other recent weeks with new case numbers in the single digits, the number of new cases here have increased to levels where the infection rate would now be considered to be “rampant.”
With the increase of new cases here, and with the positive case numbers, quarantined numbers and high absentee rates directly attributed to the COVID-19 outbreak, Clinton County School District Officials made the decision late Friday afternoon to stop in-person classes at the local schools, and send students and staff members home at least through September 6.
On Friday, the Clinton County Schools District’s Facebook page released the numbers of students and staff who were affected by the COVID-19 virus on that day, noting that 77 students in the district had tested positive for the virus, while seven district staff members had received positive test results.
In addition, 348 students and nine staff members had been quarantined after coming in close contact with someone who had tested positive.
According to Lake Cumberland District Health Department, across the entire Clinton County population, as of Monday afternoon’s case report, there were 143 active cases here.
That number followed a trio of extremely high reporting days here in terms of new cases of COVID-19.
On Thursday of last week, the agency reported 42 new cases, followed by 63 new cases reported Friday and then 29 additional new cases with Monday’s report.
With Friday’s report, the case count here had hit a pandemic record high 150 after the additional 63 new cases were coupled with just eight cases being released on that same day.
Clinton County’s previous high case count came on January 6 of this year when it was reported that there were 131 active cases here.
As of Monday evening, there was one Clinton County COVID-19 patient being treated in a hospital.
Officials at the LCDHD put out some stern warnings with Monday’s case report, noting that there were 614 new cases across the 10 county Lake Cumberland district.
“We are now at the highest transmission rate for this virus that our region has seen during this pandemic, with more active cases now than at any other time. Of today’s 614 reported cases, 534 (87 percent) were unvaccinated and 199 of today’s cases (32 percent) were in individuals 18 years of age or younger,” the report noted. “Please take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones. Consider getting the vaccine if you are eligible and haven’t, and wear a mask when in indoor settings where there are large crowds.”
As of Monday, the statewide testing positivity rate was 13.45 percent.
Schools were listed as the most common place that cases had visited prior to isolation,followed by businesses, family and long-term care / residential facilities.
The agency also noted that due to the high number of new cases being reported and the fact that the agency was beginning to become overwhelmed once again, they were suggesting that people who test positive might need to take some matters into their own hands, in terms of self-isolation and quarantine measures.
“Due to the continued increase in positive cases it may be several days before you are contacted by the health department. If you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 please isolate yourself immediately, do NOT wait on a call from the health department,” the report noted. “Please notify anyone you may have been in contact with so they can begin quarantine. Visit for more specific COVID-19 guidance.”
Vaccinations against the virus are now readily available at several locations in Albany.
Vaccination appointments through The Med Center at Albany are available, and those vaccines are now being given on site at the local hospital.
Appointments for getting the vaccine may be obtained by texting  SHOT to 606-387-3646 or by emailing, or by calling 606-387-3646 and leaving a message.
Vaccines are also now available again at the Clinton County Health Department.
Vaccination appointments through the Clinton County Health Department, or more information about the vaccines being offered and the vaccination dates and times, may be obtained by calling 606-387-5711.
Vaccines are also available at all Albany pharmacies and those seeking a vaccine are urged to call your favorite pharmacy for information.
In addition to Clinton County’s current 143 cases, case numbers across the 10 county LCDHD district, along with the number of patients being treated in area hospitals in parentheses, if any, were: Adair 108 (4), Casey 145 (5), Cumberland 40 (4), Green 78 (5), McCreary 99 (8), Pulaski 317 (9), Russell 177 (1), Taylor 231 (14), Wayne 79 (4).