Bee careful . . .

Posted October 13, 2021 at 9:02 am


Local beekeepers Jason and Jennifer Warinner received a call from local attorney David Cross last week about group of honeybees that had been discovered in a building he was having remodeled.

Known as the Will Ed Lowhorn building and located adjacent to Cross’ law offices, the Warinners found a huge hive of bees that is estimated to have been living inside the walls for at least 20 years.

Cross wanted the bees safely removed and relocated and the operation took the Warinners about six hours with some 30 gallons of comb and honey taken from the walls.

The hive was about seven and a half feet tall and about three and a half feet wide.

The local beekeeping family added that if anyone finds a swarm of bees they want removed, please contact them (606-688-2319) or another local beekeeper to complete the job, adding that honey bees are an essential part of our world and are especially important to the local agriculture community.

(Photos provided by the Warinner family)