School Superintendent screening

Posted April 28, 2022 at 8:57 am

The search for a new, permanent Clinton County Schools Superintendent is now in the hands of a six-member Screening Committee, which held its first joint meeting with the Clinton County Board of Education last Wednesday, April 20, with all members of both groups present.

Board chairwoman Leslie Stockton introduced the committee to Tim Eaton, a KSBA (Kentucky School Boards Association) consultant who the board secured to guide them and the committee through the process of screening applicants for the position.

Eaton explained the screening committee process and Stockton gave the charge to the committee on their duties.

Applications for the position had been advertised for the required 15-day period, which ended on April 13, with a total of seven persons filing for the job.

Included in the “statistical” information released last week, of the seven candidates, six were male, one female; five of the seven applicants were “in-state” residents with two outside Kentucky.

Two each of those who applied were either current superintendents, central office personnel, or principals, while one was a teacher.

At a previous meeting of the school board, that body–who will eventually hire a new superintendent–requested that the Screening Committee, after reviewing all the applications and talking to applicants, narrow the list down to three finalists to be interviewed by the board.

It was noted, however, that number was not set in stone and the committee could recommended as many, or a few, finalists as they deemed feasible.

The (school) board’s charge to the committee includes the following:

1. Maintain the confidentiality of the applicants.

2. Turn over all applications to the board with recommendations noted.

3. Recommend three (3) candidates (plus or minus).

4. Recommended applicants to be listed in alphabetical order and not ranked.

Criteria (for Superintendent):

— An innovative and motivational leader with strong proven leadership, with a record of improving student achievement.

— Have administrative experience and be an instructional leader who is committed to college and career readiness.

— Ability to effectively communicate with the school board, staff and community during this pandemic and beyond to achieve district goals.

— Be involved and visible in the community, as well as having a record that reflects strong morals and ethics.

— Knowledge of budgeting, school finances, buildings and grounds, along with knowledge of the Kentucky Education system are required.

The screening committee is made up of two teachers; one board member; one principal; one parent; and one classified employee.

Prior to appointing a superintendent, the board must consider the recommendations of the screening committee…but are not bound by them.

The responsibility for hiring a superintendent rests with the board of education. The superintendent is answerable to the board and the community for the quality of education in the district

The Screening Committee has certain responsibilities, as directed by the school board, and members are all volunteers.

They are responsible for screening all candidates and employ any “reasonable” means to screen them. They also cannot financially obligate the board without prior approval and report its recommendations to the board on the date and manner described by the board.

The local Screening Committee consists of board member Kevin Marcum; principal Kenny Dearborn; teachers Danielle Hicks and Michael Whittenburg; parent Jordan Fillingham; and classified employee Sheila Massengale.

The school board and Screening Committee will have another joint meeting for the board to receive recommendations, with a board planning committee to follow that meeting.

The meeting will be held Thursday, April 28, 2022 starting at 5 p.m. at the Clinton College & Career Center on Hwy. 90 West.

Meetings for the board to conduct candidate (finalists) interviews and name a new superintendent will be announced at a later date.

committee is reviewing applications