National Day of Prayer draws several to courthouse lawn

Posted May 11, 2022 at 10:39 am


The National Day of Prayer held one of two events on Thursday at noon on the lawn of the courthouse with Bro. Jim England leading the event. The event saw a good crowd for the noon session and also held an event later on Thursday.

In the top photo, England spoke to the crowd on hand to start the ceremony. In the photo left, Kelly Jo Reneau and Mark Neal led the crowd in a song.

The theme for this year’s event “Exalt The Lord, Who Has Established Us.”

England said there were several different individuals who led prayer for seven categories including family, education, media, church, military, government and business.

Gospel Christian Academy also led the crowd on hand with a couple of songs during the event.

“We had two moving services … whenever you have different leaders and people in the community gather for prayer it is special,” England said. “With all that is happening in the world and in our community, we need to seek God and prayer makes such a difference. We had about 90 people attending in the morning and about 35 in the evening. There were eight pastors who participated in the services and many churches were represented, as well as many of our county and city leaders.”