Chamber fireworks show set for Monday at ‘dark’

Posted June 29, 2022 at 10:57 am

The Albany/Clinton County Chamber of Commerce is planning on lighting up the sky once again this year to celebrate the July 4th holiday.

This year, the Fourth of July is on a Monday and should be the perfect ending to the holiday weekend.

The show is set to get started at “dark 30” or shortly after dark Monday night from Mountain View Park.

Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Sherry Poore said she hopes it provides a sense of pride for those who see the show.

“It’s an annual event and the chamber has several co-sponsors,” Poore said.

This years sponsors include: City of Albany, Industrial Development Authority, Clinton County Tourism Commission, Judge/Executive and Magistrates, First & Farmers National Bank, Monticello Banking Company, People’s Bank, Junction Station, South Kentucky RECC, Albany Fire Department and Tyson.

“It’s a big event for the locals. It gives them something to go to locally and not have to spend money on gas,” Poore said. “It’s a big show.”

Poore said there had been talks this year of adding events to the Fourth of July celebration, but nothing was scheduled for this year.

“Maybe in future years we can get something together,” Poore said. “It was brought up at one of the Chamber of Commerce meetings recently, but in the past when those events took place, it was other organizations that had done those prior to the fireworks.”

Poore said when the Healthy Hometown grant was in effect, the organization was raising a lot of money to improve the playground equipment at Mountain View Park.

“Since the Healthy Hometown grant ended there hasn’t been any events prior to the fireworks, but it had been talked about,” Poore said.

Poore said COVID-19 has played a part in not having events prior to the Fourth of July celebration fireworks.

With COVID-19 still prevalent in the United States, Poore said people can still watch the fireworks this year and not have to be around any other people.

“You can see it far away,” Poore said. “A lot of Clinton County residents can see the show from home and not have to be out and about. It is still a health safety event because people don’t have to be in close proximity.”

The fireworks can be seen from many locations around the park including the Clinton County Middle School, Clinton County High School, and the bypass.

“There is a lot of parking at the Early Childhood Center and that’s good viewing,” Poore said. “Pretty much about anywhere in the city limits you can see the show.”

Poore said there are other groups involved in the Fourth of July celebration that without their help the show wouldn’t be possible.

“I have to give a shout out to the city workers,” Poore said. “They have been putting out our yard signs in the city and putting out our fliers. Also, the Albany Fire Department comes out and never asks for anything in return.”

This year’s event, like always, is free to the public.

“I think it shows good support in the community and unity among the businesses and officials from the city and county,” Poore said. “Some of these people contribute a large portion of money to help put this show on.”