Fair ’22 was huge

Posted June 29, 2022 at 10:57 am



The 2022 Clinton County Fair came to a close Saturday night, capping off a tremendous run this year in both events on the schedule and fan attendance and participation. Here are just a few scenes from last week’s Fair action, with more photos scattered throughout this week’s Clinton County News.

Beginning at the top and moving clockwise: The Fair Midway area is always a popular area for fans to congregate, enjoying the attractions, games and especially the rides; The Demolition Derby action always is a crowd pleaser, and this year’s Derby was no exception, with plenty of fumes, smoke and, of course, flared tempers in the ring; Family Night Athletic events give local fair goers of all ages a chance to get into the ring and have some fun, as well as earn some cash prizes in events such as the three-legged race and the sack races; one of the most popular rides on the midway this year was the Ali Baba, which spun riders around on a full 360 degree path for several rotations at a high rate of speed; once again, the Ohio Valley Wrestling troupe made an appearance at the Fair, putting on several matches in the center ring and keeping fans in the stands worked up throughout the exhibition.

Hats off to the

2022 Fair Board

for a job well done!