Friday’s storm causes damage to local restaurant, other damage reported across county

Posted July 12, 2022 at 12:57 pm


The roof of Jennifer’s Kountry Grill, formerly Ms. Deb’s Cornerstone Restaurant, on Cross Street in downtown Albany, was laying partly on top of the Fig Leaf and Dyer Drug after a violent storm system moved through Albany Friday afternoon.

Emergency Medical Services Director Lucas Abner said there were reports all over the county of downed trees and minor structure damage.

“It was so disastrous,” Abner said. “There was a tree that fell down on Hwy. 738 that hit a phase three power line and we had to close the road for a few hours.”

Abner said it was straight-line winds that caused most of the damage in Clinton County Friday afternoon.

According to Jennifer Thomas, owner of Jennifer’s Kountry Grill, no one was injured when the roof came off her restaurant.

Two pedestrian walkways adjacent to houseboat moorage at Wisdom Dock was damaged severely enough during the storm that crews there had to block the area off until repairs could be made. Electricity at the marina was also reportedly off for several hours.

The National Weather Service reported wind speeds at 22 miles per hour and wind gusts up to 31 miles per hour at the time of the thunderstorm.