Fiscal court adjusts employee entry level pay

Posted July 28, 2022 at 8:43 am

Clinton Fiscal Court held its regular meeting last Thursday, July 21, before a room filled with spectators and all court members on hand.

Although the meeting was brief, lasting only about 20 minutes, several important actions were taken, including the distribution of ARPA “loss revenue” funds dispersed to local organizations for specific projects.

(A separate article on the ARPA fund distributions can be found beginning on page 1.)

Clinton County Judge/Executive Ricky Craig first thanked those present for attending and reported on the county’s most recent “perfect” audit.”

The judge gave credit to his office staff, fiscal court members, and department heads for making that happen, saying they did it as a team.

The court then proceeded into general business, first receiving the treasurer’s report and voting unanimously to approve the monthly report on a motion by Magistrate Mickey Riddle. They also approved payment of claims and bills on a motion by Terry Buster.

Two cash transfers, both from the occupational checking account totaling $120,000 were approved on separate motions by magistrates Riddle and Ray Marcum, respectively. The first transfer was $80,000 to the general fund and the second a $40,000 transfer to the ambulance fund.

Judge Craig then informed the court that after rebidding design work on four proposed “safe houses” the county has been funded for, no bids were received.

The county had received one prior bid earlier, which had come in too high over budget, prompting the project to be rebid.

The judge said he would now contact FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), which approved funding for the safe houses, to see what the county’s next step should be.

After acknowledging receiving the Tourism Commission’s 2022-23 Fiscal Year budget, R.J. Farmer, the county’s financial advisor on the Judicial Center Project, addressed the court pertaining to a funding/bonding related resolution on that project, which by statute, has to be approved by the court.

At a meeting of the Public Properties Corporation (PPC), which is made up of the fiscal court, held prior to the court meeting, that body had approved the resolution.

The resolution deals with short and long term funding such as design work, property purchase, advertising and other items associated with the project.

The total project cost, estimated at over $17.4 million, is being funded by the state’s judicial branch and administered by the AOC (Administrative Office of the Courts), which reimburses the county for funds used on the project.

The Judicial Center’s Project Development Board held its regular meeting the following morning, Friday, July 22, with Farmer present and a separate article on the PDB meeting can be found elsewhere this week.

Judge Craig then suggested that county employee entry level pay was not high enough, and to make it more competitive, recommended an increase for county employees, effective this month.

The judge recommended that road, jail, custodian and mapping coordinator positions start at $9.50 per hour with a 50 cent raise after 90 days (probationary period) to $10; EMT’s begin at $11, increase to $12 after 90 days; and dispatchers begin at $10.50 to $11 after 90 days. A motion to approve the entry level pay adjustments was made by Magistrate Jerry Lowhorn and passed unanimously.

Following the meeting, Judge Craig said the county now has job openings for EMT’s, paramedics and employees on the road department. Road department employees with a CDL license are preferred, but not mandatory, he added.

For information on obtaining an application for employment, contact the County Judge/Executive’s office at 606-387-5234 or contact EMS Director Lucas Abner.

Magistrate Ray Marcum then addressed the court about Davis Road, saying there is another resident now residing there and requested the court extend the area about 1,020 feet as a county road.

Marcum made the motion to begin the process of extending that portion as a county road, which passed unanimously. Marcum and Magistrate Buster, along with an employee of the road department, were appointed to view the road.

The next regular meeting of Clinton Fiscal Court is scheduled for August 18 at 5 p.m.