Park board meets

Posted August 4, 2022 at 9:01 am

The Clinton County Recreation/Park Board held its regular meeting last Thursday, July 28 at Mountain View Park.

Although only a couple of business items were voted on, the board discussed a variety of issues during the 50 minute meeting.

The board was presented the treasurer’s report from Gina Poore, for the month ending June 30. The fund balance at the end of that month–minus bills payable–showed an approximate $14,400 positive balance.

Park Director Michael Hood was unable to attend last week’s meeting, but had left word that rental spaces at the park for the U.S. 127 Yard Sale were down considerably as of last Thursday. That was just one week prior to the official start of the sale, which begins August 4.

The Park Director had reported that only six spaces had been sold through last Thursday. However, he did say in many instances, recurring vendors do not make reservations in advance, but come and set up and pay the booth space when setting up to sell.

The exact number of vendor booths rented at the park will not be known until later this week.

The 127 Sale vendors began decreasing dramatically at the park after the bypass was constructed, taking the park off the primary 127 route.

Board members agreed that something needed to be done in the future to increase the number of vendor booths rented for the annual event, which once was the board’s primary source of operating revenue, aside from the input from the three entities that support the park, those being the county, city, and board of education.

Poore suggested that the park begin a Facebook page to advertise the park more. Items on the page would be upcoming events at the park, the things the park has to offer the public, both local citizens and visitors, and other information related to Mountain View Park.

Board member Randy Speck agreed to spearhead the Facebook project, making it a public group on the social media site.

The board also discussed the problems of having a quorum of members at meetings to constitute an official meeting to do business, noting that in the months ahead, they needed to begin asking the aforementioned entities to appoint replacement members to serve on the board.

All board members on hand also publicly thanked Clinton County Judge/Executive Ricky Craig and the Clinton Fiscal Court members for the recent $15,000 allotment to the park recently from ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds.

The funds will be used to install a newer, safer concession stand area at the park by the next spring and summer seasons.

Board member David McIver also told the board that a veteran had brought to his attention that the flag flying next to the ballfield was not “properly” illuminated during night time hours and had offered to correct that if the board purchased a pole and fixtures.

Board member Jeff Pharis made the motion to purchase what was needed to fix the flag pole, with all board members voting yes.

Another somewhat major issue that was discussed by the board, and viewed by board members as well, was a drainage problem around a ballfield directly behind the restroom area and back walking track.

Water drainage had created ridges in the field, causing problems in the in-field area.

The board discussed some possible ways to repair the drainage problems, and eventually decided to get one or more expert opinions on how to divert the water away from the field.

They decided it would be better to get the drainage problem resolved prior to repairing the damage to the ballfield. Hopefully the issue will be resolved prior to the 2023 baseball and softball seasons.

Board member Leland Hicks then questioned the parking situation at the park, citing the heavy congestion and lack of parking available many times this year.

Although some suggestions were looked at, it appears, due to the landscape and the park being filled to capacity, there are few, if any, options to create more parking spaces at this time.

In other issues discussed:

* Poore noted that SKY Sports would be getting underway soon, beginning with soccer in August and it will also include flag football, among other sports.

* It was noted that netting to cover the batting cage was being looked into.

* It was announced that a softball tournament is currently scheduled at the park to begin October 8.

The board also mulled over the possibility of again hosting its own tournaments in the future.

The next meeting of the Clinton County Recreation/Park Board is scheduled for Thursday, August 25, at 6 p.m. at the park and is open to the public.