School board has busy work session prior to meeting

Posted November 23, 2022 at 12:43 pm

The Clinton County school board held a lengthy regular work session last Thursday, November 17, with five of six members on hand.

The board heard two presentations, took action on some minor items and discussed other issues presented by Superintendent Dr. Paula Little.

Most of the items reviewed at the work session were to be voted on at this past Monday night’s regular business meeting.

The board first heard from Bryan Skinner with US Treasury Securities pertaining to the district’s ability to earn interest on non-budgeted funds, such as contingency monies, etc.

Skinner said short-term interest of up to over four percent could be gained on such funds, saying the recommended length of each would be about a three month or six month interest period.

Board member Kevin Marcum questioned as to whether or not the district could be penalized if they (schools) needed to use the interest funds immediately for some reason.

Skinner assured the board, however, that no funds the district already has would be used.

He noted that the federal government had raised interest rates recently, allowing school districts the opportunity to gain high interest rates–compared to other banking facilities-from non-budgeted money on hand.

Districts that participate may not earn much additional revenue, but could use the interest earned for minor projects, such as facility maintenance.

After the presentation on that issue, Skinner also gave an overview of the school district’s current bonding potential, for board information purposes.

Arica Collins then addressed the board pertaining to her pharmacy offer to supply free COVID in-home drug tests for staff members.

Collins said the drug store would provide the tests at no charge to the district. Forms would be provided to staff at each school and the COVID home tests would be delivered to whoever chooses to receive them.

The tests will contain eight total for a 30 day period and apparently billed to the person’s insurance.

The in-home COVID test item was to be placed on the agenda for a vote at the board’s regular meeting held this past Monday night.

Superintendent Little said the COVID home test issue, as well as the interest rate on non-budgeted funds, would be included on the agenda for the board’s regular meeting.

Dr. Little then updated the board on school facilities projects.

She first noted a Needs Assessment for each facility should be complete by the end of this month, and noted the roof replacement at CCHS had been completed. However, there is another leakage problem that will have to be taken care of.

Little also noted that, among other more minor issues, some bathroom stalls at the high school were in poor condition and a committee at that school is working to get estimates on costs to make repairs.

She and other board members also noted how good the new seating at The Castle looked, as well as the construction, and handicap accessibility for all fans.

Other work session issues reviewed included:

* Superintendent Effectiveness Standard 3: Cultural Leadership.

* Kentucky Association of Schools Graphs.

* Indicator 11 Report. Dr. Little noted this involved a state audit conducted in the Special Education program in the district. Eleven student evaluations were reviewed with the district receiving a 100% rating.

* GLS (Garrett Lee Smith) grant. This grant involves funds to schools to implement suicide prevention programs and improve mental health needs for students in the district.

* Board meeting schedule (for the 2023 calendar year).

The board also took action on two separate overnight student trips.

On motions by Marcum and Bobbie Stone, respectively, they unanimously approved trips for the FBLA National Leadership Conference and KYA.

With no public comments being made, the 51 minute work session was adjourned on a motion by Ronald Albertson.

(Details on the school board’s regular business meeting held this past Monday night can be found in a separate article beginning on page 1.)

The board of education’s next monthly work session will be held Thursday, December 8, and its next business meeting on Monday, December 12. Both meetings will be held at the Central Office located in the Clinton College & Career Center on Hwy. 90 West and both are open to the public.