Storms roll through, damage minimal

Posted March 8, 2023 at 1:36 pm


Spring storms rolled through Albany this past weekend and left nearly the entire county without power at some point.

Many people were without power longer than others, and as of Monday morning of this week, 9,135 South Kentucky RECC members across its entire service region were still without power according to its social media post, but a breakdown by area wasn’t available.

EMS Director Lucas Abner said Clinton County was extremely lucky this past weekend.

“There has been some little sheds and stuff like that, but no houses that I’m aware of,” Abner said of the reported damage to structures this past weekend. “The power across the county and across the whole state has been an issue.”

Abner said he has been in touch with RECC the entire weekend and they have called in help from other states.

A press release issued by South Kentucky RECC said, more than 40 mutual aid linemen, traveling from as far away as Louisiana, have come to Kentucky to lend a hand. SKRECC said they also plan on bringing in more support as it becomes available.

As of 4 p.m. Friday, SKRECC had 19,407 members without power and as the night went on, that number climbed to 34,300.

“I don’t know that the whole county lost power or not. Like for instance here, our generators ran pretty much all night, but we had partial power,” Abner said. “Out of the three-phase, we were only getting like one leg of it. We had some lights that worked and some that didn’t. At about 1 a.m. Saturday morning we got completely restored here.”

Abner said there are a lot of people around us in a lot worse shape.

“We are extremely lucky there was no significant damage,” Abner said. “The main thing with RECC, is they try to focus on big outages first and then work their way down to the single residences.

Other than power issues, Abner said there were several trees down that did affect roadways.

“We had the county road department and the fire department out through about midnight trying to keep the roads clear,” Abner said. “The problem was there were lines down with those trees and we can’t touch the trees until RECC gets there. North Hwy. 127 past the 19 mile marker, that was a big one and it went on until 11 o’clock until we got the road clear.”

With the spring months being prime time for bad weather, Abner said there are several things people can do in order to be proactive.

“Being prepared for power outages is the biggest thing,” Abner said. “Have a storm-ready kit in your house with flashlights and things that will operate during the night.”

Abner said a lot of people are going to generator systems and to make sure to have a professional install those or they could really cause problems in the home.

“Make sure you have qualified people to back feed that into your home,” Abner said. “Be weather aware and make sure you are signed up for Code Red alerts.”

Also, Abner said during power outages, people may have to be in their homes for several days at a time, so having a ready food supply is a good idea.

“If we get hit really bad then you may be in your home for several days without electric,” Abner said. “Be prepared for that and once again we are going into summer, so you will have heat to deal with. Be prepared for those people who can not handle the heat. The big thing with power outages is the people who are on oxygen, have portable oxygen tanks to last you a little while if you needed them.”

The county has 13 warning sirens spread inside the borders and according to Abner, they test those monthly.

“We normally test them on the first Tuesday of every month at 10 a.m. with weather pending,” Abner said. “That ensures us that they are working. We know we have one that isn’t working at the moment and we’ve had people here working on it. We’ve got four new ones that are on order and will be put up in the county. Two of those we are aware of where they will be going which is Davis Chapel area and Maupin area. Depending on what they find at Cave Springs, one of those might have to go there.”

City of Albany Road Crew members Brooks Ferguson and Chad Asberry worked Friday afternoon to clean up a street in Nolan Subdivision after wins brought several branches down causing debris in the roadways.