Arrive Alive at Clinton County High School

Posted September 20, 2023 at 12:06 pm

A nationwide program, Arrive Alive, made a stop at Clinton County High School Monday morning, hosted by the CCHS Youth Service Center.
The program is designed to give youth a first hand experience, through the use of a simulator and virtual reality technology, of the dangers of driving while impaired as well as the dangers of texting while driving and driving while distracted.  It also helps students develop life-long safe driving habits, reducing traffic crashes and fatalities.
The Arrive Alive simulator is touted as being the nation’s number one drunk driving and distracted driving simulator, and the only marijuana driving simulator.
Above, a group of students listen as one of the technicians accompanying the Arrive Alive display explains what they are about to experience with the demonstration.
At right, a CCHS student ,wearing virtual reality goggles, sits behind the wheel of the Arrive Alive vehicle during her session with the learning experience.