Industrial Authority meets

Posted September 20, 2023 at 12:07 pm

The Clinton County Industrial Development Authority (CCIDA) held its regular meeting last Thursday morning, September 14, (via Zoom) with five of seven members present.
After approving minutes from the July meeting, a motion was made by Randy Speck to approve the treasurer’s report and claims and bills, which passed unanimously.
IDA Director April Speck then discussed with the board the accrued interest on hand and how the funds could be used under USDA guidelines.
Speck noted the interest dates back to the March 2019 quarter and amounts to $76,658. It cannot be put on a CD, as had been done in past years. The only use the interest accumulated would be administrative costs, such as payroll, or additional RLF (Revolving Loan Fund) loans.
Following a brief discussion, board member Barney Latham moved to transfer all of the interest to be used for administrative costs, which passed unopposed. He also suggested the interest be transferred into the general account on a quarterly basis.
Board Chairman Randy Jones then discussed a grant the county and IDA had applied for earlier to fund water and sewer to the property purchased several months ago on Hwy. 1590 just west of Albany, near Cobb.
The intent for the property is commercial or industrial prospects that may want to locate here.
The original application was denied, but Jones said initially there may have been some confusion in the actual cost it would take to run water and sewer to the property. He said early estimates were around $1 million, but estimated the actual cost to be closer to $300,000.
The board chairman also said there was environmental questions about part of the property that has since been cleared following an environmental study.
He announced that a meeting with officials pertaining to the grant application process was to be held this past Tuesday morning, September 19, and hoped for positive news, with more information to come later.
Speck then addressed the board about issues with the rental of the conference room at the IDA’s Welcome Center, which currently rents out for $100 for both business meetings and social events such as birthday parties, et al.
The director noted that recently, following one rental, some damage to the room had been discovered, including damage to a door and the carpet. She suggested possibly requiring a deposit from anyone using the facility.
Some members had varying ideas on how to alleviate the problem, with board member Shane Smith noting there were more facilities equipped for social gatherings than the Welcome Center conference room.
Latham suggested possibly allowing only businesses to rent the room, with no social events being allowed.
However, both Speck and Smith noted that allowing only certain groups to rent the facility may not sit well with the public in general, who may say the IDA is favoring some groups over others.
Jones then suggested, and the board agreed, to keep the policy and rental fee as is for now, and allow the IDA Director discretion on renting the facility.
They also noted that people wishing to hold social type events should be informed of better options and locations to hold such activities and that a change in policy pertaining to the rental of the room could be made in the future if necessary.
The board also set the date for its annual Christmas Dinner for December 7, with time and location to be announced later.
Following a brief closed session for a loan review, the approximate 45 minute meeting was adjourned.
The next regular meeting of the Clinton County IDA is scheduled for November 9 at 11:00 a.m. at the Welcome Center, via Zoom. For information on how to join the meeting online, contact IDA Director April Speck at 606-387-5512.