Bray speaks to Albany-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce

Posted February 28, 2024 at 9:00 am

Albany Mayor James Bray was the guest speaker at last Thursday’s Albany – Clinton County Chamber of Commerce meeting.
Bray spent most of his presentation explaining the causes and steps of repair surrounding the recent near county-wide water outage, as well as explaining some of the steps being taken to secure funds that can be used to begin a major water system renovation.  He noted that with the current age and capacity of the water system, it ran at a near capacity production level most of the time.  Bray added that without a major upgrade of the entire system that could drastically increase capacity limits, the city and county would be hindered in any efforts to attract new business and industrial prospects to locate here.
“We’re all vested in this for our city and our entire county,” Bray said.  He expained several avenues that were being worked on to secure funds that would eventually see a new water plant serving Albany and Clinton County.
“We have to have an infrastructure in place that is not just for now, but for our future and for our children,” Bray said.