Turnovers … by Alan B. Gibson

Posted April 8, 2024 at 10:26 am

Spring break brings a lull
before the rush

With the arrival of spring break for our high school students, comes a little lull in local sports activities.
The Bat Dawgs are in Panama City Beach, Florida, competing in a spring classic there, while the Lady Bat Dawgs have headed to the east coast and a four-day stretch, playing in the Grand Strand Softball Classic.
Think of those trips as a late spring training stretch, where the teams are able to get in a nice stretch of games with warmer weather than what is usually the case in southern Kentucky.
With the arrival of spring break, also comes the reminder that the end of high school sports for the 2023-24 year is fastly approaching.
All spring sports schedules get back on track with “normal” home and away games beginning next week when everyone returns from these spring break classic trips.
Get out to the fields/courts in the next few weeks to take in some great spring sports action.

Youth league work makes a brighter future more likely
In this week’s SPORTS, you’ll find a submission from Jessica Owens Sullivan summarizing the closing out of the SKY (Southern Kentucky Youth) basketball season.
The work being done (and believe me, while it’s fun, it’s certainly work) by these adults and student volunteers is to be commended.
Our school athletic programs, on all levels, but especially on the high school level will benefit in future seasons because of the work these volunteers are doing in teaching our youth not only the fundementals of the game, but more importantly good sportsmanship and the benefits of being a team player.
Congrats to all of the players who enjoyed a successful season with SKY Sports, and a big thanks from our community for taking the time to spend with these young athletes and get them off to a great start.
In the meantime –
March Madness is over – stop on by