Clinton Fiscal Court votes on budgets, other issues

Posted April 24, 2024 at 12:02 pm

Clinton Fiscal Court met in regular session last Thursday, April 18, with all court members present and several items on the agenda for the 45 minute meeting, which included budgets, project updates and other items.
The most discussed issue pertained to the agreement of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and Clinton County Board of Education to provide SROs (School Resource Officers) in each school beginning in the upcoming school year.
(A separate article on the SRO agreement can be found elsewhere this week.)
After approving previous meeting minutes and acknowledging the treasurer’s report, they approved the monthly report on a motion by Magistrate Gary Ferguson and also approved payment of monthly claims and bills.
Three separate cash transfers were also approved, which included payroll for the end of this month. The transfers totaled $92,500, all from the Occupational Fund.
On a motion by Magistrate Jason Pitman, a transfer of $30,000 was approved to the jail checking account; on a motion by Magistrate Terry Buster, a transfer of $60,000 was approved to the ambulance checking account; and on a motion by Ferguson, a $2,500 transfer was made to the 911 dispatch checking account.
The court, on a motion by Magistrate Buster, then approved their annual $2,000 donation to the Albany Fire Department.
Magistrate Ferguson introduced a motion to advertise for road materials, which passed unanimously.
The court also dealt with various budgets that were presented on the agenda.
The court approved the Clinton County Soil Conservation District budget totaling $327,955.37 and the Clinton County Extension Service budget in the amount of $260,505.72 for the upcoming fiscal year.
The Clinton County Jail budget was also presented for approval for the 2024-25 fiscal year in the amount of $686,149.00, with Magistrate Riddle noting he did not have a copy of the jail budget in his packet.
Magistrate Buster made a motion to approve the jail budget, which passed 5-0 with Riddle abstaining.
The court also held first reading on the county’s upcoming year’s budget of $8,014,127.45. Magistrate Riddle made the motion to approve first reading, which passed by unanimous vote. Second and final reading is expected to take place at the court’s regular meeting next month.
Also on the issue of the jail, the court voted unanimously to approve a $44,019 grant for new software equipment for the detention facility as part of the overall upgrades to their computer system.
The court also voted to approve annual standing orders to allow bills to be paid that are due between meetings prior to court approval, when necessary.
In other business:
* Clinton County Judge/Executive Ricky Craig, in recognition of 911 Dispatchers Week, thanked the local dispatchers to their service for the county.
* Magistrate Ferguson thanked the members of the Clinton County Road Department, noting they were doing a great job despite being somewhat shorthanded. It was also noted the first round of county roadside mowing has begun.
* Clinton County Jailer Bruce Stearns then gave his monthly report, noting the jail had 62 intakes the past month and inmates had picked up 63 bags of trash along county roadways. He also commended the staff at the facility for their hard work and dedication.
* Clinton County Sheriff Ricky Marcum, in his monthly report, noted the increase in thefts recently, and also another uptick in drug trafficking, saying there are more unfamiliar faces around the county now. He said his department remains vigilant and asks the community and citizens to do the same and report suspicious activity.
* Judge Craig then informed the court that the county is working on several grants, in collaboration with the Lake Cumberland Area Development District.
Specifically, Craig noted they were attempting to get a $2.5 million grant to help provide broadband service which would “reach out to parts of all districts in the county.”
He noted that House Bill 9, which passed the state legislature, could help in matching those funds and said that Duo County and Windstream were still running lines every day.
* Magistrate Jerry Lowhorn then thanked the state Department of Transportation for providing some safety signs on Ky. Highway 553, Wisdom Dock Road. It provided large arrow signs around a dangerous curve in the Tobin Ridge area.
Lowhorn noted he had asked for a guardrail to be put in place and is still working to get one, but noted the signs would help. He also said in all his years as magistrate, this had been one of the greatest safety concerns people had voiced.
* Magistrate Buster then asked if Animal Control was still picking up stray animals and answering calls, primarily regarding dogs. Judge Craig said they were.
The judge also said there is going to be another animal adoption day scheduled soon, with the date to be announced, and the animal shelter is currently working with a veterinarian in Cumberland County to possibly conduct spay and neuter clinics for local pet owners.
* Magistrate Tony Delk thanked the sheriff’s office for working with the school district to bring School Resource Officers to each school next year, and also thanked Judge Craig for working on getting more broadband service to the residents of the county.
The next regular meeting of the Clinton Fiscal Court is scheduled for May 16 at 5 p.m.