Tompkinsville News

Posted July 11, 2012 at 7:34 pm

John William Smith (DOB 1970) and Chasity R. Hagan (DOB 1977) were indicted two weeks ago in the April 20, 2012 murder of Brenda Faye Howard. Smith and Hagan were both indicted by the Monroe County Grand Jury on Wednesday, June 20, with the charges handed down in Judge Eddie C. Lovelace’s courtroom.

Smith and Hagan were both charged with murder or complicity to commit murder and burglary (first degree) and robbery in the first degree, or complicity to robbery, tampering with physical evidence and complicity to manufacture methamphetamine.

In count one of the indictment, the charges state that on or about April 20, 2012 Smith and Hagan, acting alone or in complicity with each other, allegedly committed the offense of murder (a Class A felony) when they beat and stabbed Howard multiple times, causing her death or that the acts of the defendants while participating in and planning the armed robbery of Howard constituted wantonness manifesting extreme indifference to human life which conduct caused the beating and stabbing of Howard.

In count two and three, the charges note that the defendants allegedly committed the offense of burglary by entering and remaining in the Howard residence and were armed with a deadly weapon.

In count four, the defendants allegedly attempted to dispose of an ax handle in the trunk of Wanda and/or Chasity Hagan’s automobile and in count five, they allegedly committed the offense of manufacturing methamphetamine.