127 Sale traffic is down on both sides of the booths

Posted August 9, 2012 at 1:28 pm

The 25th Annual 127 Corridor Sale is in the books and Clinton County again enjoyed its fair share of vendors and visitors scattered thoughout the county.

Although the weather didn’t cooperate as well as in the past several years, cloud coverage gave yard sales participants did enjoy slightly cooler temperatures throughout the day on Saturday,

Mountain View Park Director Bobby Reneau said the overall crowd was down and people were not traveling.

“We had 68 to 70 vendors last weekend,” Reneau said. “The traffic was way down, then of course we had the rain.”

Although it was a slower day than usual, Reneau said some of his vendors did have a productive weekend.

“I had four vendors who said they had their best day ever on Saturday,” Reneau said. “There were some vendors who didn’t do so well.”

The 127 Corridor Sale is labeled as the “World’s Longest Yard Sale,” and as in past years, the most popular items have been antique glassware and other antique items. Reneau said he thought people for the past couple of years have been looking for practical items for everyday use.

“I think people are looking for stuff they can use rather than stuff they actually want,” Reneau said. “It seemed like the people who were going through were buying stuff. The guy who had the trees, shrubs and bushes did really well.”

Other factors that could have contributed to a poor yard sale weekend include gas prices and with the new 127 Bypass open, Reneau said he thought people were missing the turn.

“Gas prices jumped up last week and combined with the economy and the rain … traffic was just down,” Reneau said. “I think part of it was the new road. I went out on 90 (KY Hwy 90) and put signs up and put one up where you turn at Crudewell, but still there were some who came back and said they missed it. Maybe I didn’t put up a big enough sign. Next year we will have to look at putting up a bigger sign. Maybe that will help.”

Reneau said once the skies cleared, the traffic picked up Saturday afternoon.

“Saturday was the only day that we were doing the concessions to where the building actually filled up,” Reneau said. “We never did have a big line, but they were steady. It just wasn’t like it generally is.”

Reneau said several people had told him the yard sale was down in attendance everywhere, not just in Clinton County.

Out of the 25 years the event has been taking place, Reneau said he has worked the sale for the past 14 to 15 years and this year was the worst as far as traffic was concerned.

“This is the slowest I’ve seen it,” Reneau said. “It just wasn’t there.”

The event usually covers four days during the first weekend of August … Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most of Sunday in Clinton County was plagued with hard rainfall and thunderstorms that put a damper on the vendors and the amount of traffic moving through the park.

“I went out early Sunday morning and we went ahead and fired the grill up. We were going to sell some food that day and it took about a half a day to get that done in between the rains,” Reneau said. “At one point, there was water covering about half the floor in the Farmer’s Market building and it was about three inches deep. It was just a river going through it. It was a pretty good rain.”

The 690-mile yard sale extends from Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama. Headquarters for the event are held at the Fentress County Chamber of Commerce in Jamestown, Tenn.


Two-year-old Raegann Stephens of Columbia, KY, took in the sights of the 127 Corridor Sale Thursday at the old Ford Garage as she stood on top of one of the most unique sale offerings seen in Clinton County over the weekend, a large giraffe, outfitted with wheels a saddle and cowboy hat.

The weather cooperated on Thursday before turning bad and bringing rain and thunderstorms Friday and Saturday, with Sunday being all but a complete wash-out.


Hunter Shearer of Hunter’s Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Q added hickory to his grill, “Built, Not Bought, II” Thursday during the 127 Corridor Sale. Shearer stayed busy throughout the weekend despite the rainy weather Saturday and Sunday.