Sheriff's Department collects tabs for local liver transplant kid

Posted August 22, 2012 at 7:02 pm


When Marcus Moons was born he was very sick. Doctors at UK Children’s Hospital diagnosed him with liver failure due to a virus that attacked and destroyed his liver. He was then transported to University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital where he received a life saving liver transplant at the age of 18 days. For the past 13 years Moons and his family have traveled to Pittsburgh for his annual visits. While they are there, Marcus has several tests and procedures. Thankfully for the family, there was a Ronald McDonald house close by. For years the Moons family has taken can tabs to the RMH, but this year with the help of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and friends, 17 gallons of tabs were collected and donated. These tabs are used to raise money to support RMH which provides the families of hospitalized children a place to stay close to their children in some of the hardest days of their lives.

After all the tests and procedures, Marcus gets the opportunity to spend the weekend with other children who have had organ transplants at Camp Chihopi. The staff and councilors are doctors, nurses, or other people who have had organ transplants.

A special thanks from the Moons family to Sheriff Rick Riddle and the Sheriff’s Department and many others for the pop tabs. The family also wants to thank the many others who have supported their family for the past 13 years. And most of all, the Moons family would like to thank the family who donated the life saving organ. You are their heros.